Become A Legend Among Legends With The Top 5 Ancient Egypt Themed Slots

It is safe to say that ancient Egypt is one of the most beloved offline and online slot machine themes. New titles are constantly added to this genre, in an effort to keep you entertained and surprised. However, some of the titles manage to become instant classics and they are able to entertain you for a very long time. They are like the mummies and the pyramids, because they are carefully preserved and they offer various hidden treasures. This is a list of the top 5 ancient Egypt themed slots that earn such a classic status among slot game enthusiasts.

5. Cleopatra's Coins Slots

Cleopatra is one seductive lady and so is this 5 reels slot title that carries her name. Are you ready to prove your worthiness to her by becoming a successful winner? Let this 15 pay line game take you back to the ancient times of Mark Anthony, Julius Caesar and the legendary queen of the Nile. Prepare yourself for a mystic adventure full of hieroglyphs, scarabs and other attributes from old Egypt. Explore Cleopatra's wine cellar and discover all the golden treasures that she keeps secretly stocked in there. Be aware of the poisonous asp, because it occasionally likes to visit the cellar as well.

4. Crazy Camel Cash Slots

Sometimes, you really want to see things from a different angle. For example a painting or a building. While playing Crazy Camel Cash Slots from Rival Gaming, you have a chance to see some very special structures from a different angle. Let the crazy camel take you on an unforgettable magic carpet ride above the impressive ancient Egyptian pyramids. Besides that, you will see plenty of crazy camels as well. But that is alright, because whenever there is a camel, there is also money in this classic three reel game with one pay line.

3. Queen of Kings Slots

Queen of Kings Slots is another title that lets you discover the treasures from the powerful and mysterious pharaoh queen Cleopatra. Discover what kind of wealth objects the Queen of Kings has left behind, by spinning the five reels of this Genesis Gaming, 20 pay lines video slot machine game. Queen of Kings Slots lets you create your own golden empire and it gives you the opportunity to claim a legendary status among slot title enthusiasts.

2. Lost Slots

This five reel slot tile from software developer Betsoft Gaming technically does not takes place in ancient Egypt. However, you can be assured of the fact that there will be encounters with elements from that time. Meet Dr. Dakota Bones and his loyal assistant Farooq, and go with them on an adventurous prize hunt. The search takes you into the dessert, and there you might encounter the ghostly mummy pharaoh. The pharaoh is not pleased that you are trying to collect his valuable treasures and he will guard them fiercely. But there is a good chance that you become extremely rich, when you manage to outsmart him.

1. Cleopatra's Gold Slots

The legendary Egyptian queen is an inspiration for many casino slot game developers. This third popular title that is themed around her, proves that once again. Luckily, the developers and the players never get bored of her. That could count for you as well, because the mysterious Cleopatra always has some more alluring surprises and treasures available. Spin the reels of this enjoyable slot title and you might experience how it feels to be as powerful, strong and rich as Cleo herself. Will you be able to collect all her treasures? The only way to find out is by spinning the 5 reels of this 20 pay line slot title from Realtime Gaming.

Discover The Legendary Treasures Of The Ancient Egyptian Civilization

Are you a prize hunter that wants to discover the legendary treasures of the ancient Egyptian civilization? Then you will be happy to know that the hunt becomes a lot easier with these top 5 ancient Egypt themed slots. Instead of getting lost in a dangerous pyramid, you can now get lost for days in all the great titles that are carefully built around the mystic Egyptians and their famous pharaohs. Those pharaohs had their moments of glory. Now it is your turn to take over the lead. You will not have to rule a whole civilization, but you can easily become the legendary king of the reels.