The Game Is On With These Top 5 Sports Themed Slots

Gambling and sports are two forms of entertainment that match well together. Both are thrilling, fun and potentially lucrative. This is especially the case when you combine these two forms of entertainment into amazing slot machine games. Luckily, casino game developers know this as well. Many titles have already earned their place in online casino slot game collections, but only a few of them have reached a legendary status in those lists. As a sports and gambling fan, you must be eager to learn which of those titles earned such a status. The answer is now given to you in the form of this top 5 list of sports themed slots.

5. A Day At The Derby Slots

Betting on horse rides while spinning the reels of a Rival Gaming A Day At The Derby slot machine, what more could you wish for as a gambling and sports enthusiast. Place your bets and start the race. Always keep an eye on those lightning-fast thoroughbreds with your binoculars, because they are racing for the big cash prizes in this thrilling 5 reel video slot game with 20 lucrative pay lines and a cartoon style design. Lucy in the Sky, In a Pickle and Budapest Gambit are your betting options during the exciting races. Which one of them is going to make sure that you receive a shower of coins and roses at the finish line?

4. Aussie Rules Slots

Did you think you were in for a normal game of slot machine football? Then you are in for a fun surprise when you play Rival Gaming's Aussie Rules Slots. At an Aussie Rules game, football players place the ball on the line of the goals, before they give it a kick. As a slot game player, you also get to deal with lines in this game. Place the correct symbols on the pay lines to score big cash winnings. Are you hungry for more than just cash prizes? Then make an extra strong shot to get multipliers, free spins, wilds, scatters and a special bonus round on the playing field of this 5 reel video slot game with 15 pay lines.

3. Bowled Over Slots

It is time to put on your bowling shoes and grab your favorite bowling ball. Spin the reels, let the bowling balls roll straight on the 20 pay lines, and score professional cash strikes in this 5 reel video slot machine title from software developer Rival Gaming. As a bowling and gambling enthusiast, there is no better place to be than at the alley of Bowled Over Slots. It not only offers all the necessary items for a fun bowling game, like pins, shoes, food, drinks and bowling balls, but also all the lucrative elements of an entertaining slot game. Hit those free spins, expanding wilds, scatters, bonuses and multipliers to make your special bowling day strikingly profitable.

2. Fast Lane Slots

If you thought slot game horse races where exciting, then you should definitely check out the car racing gambling options that Fast Lane Slots has to offer. It is the perfect video slot title for if you desire some really fast paced gambling action. Place your bet and put the pedal to the 5 spinning reels, stir your car on one of the 50 pay lines and you will soon be in the fast lane to richness. While you burn your rubber on the reels, you encounter all kinds of sports care related symbols such as helmets, trophies and spinning tires. Collect free spins, wilds and scatters, win big cash amounts in the bonus round, enjoy the amazing graphics and fulfill your never ending need for cash and speed in this joyful Rival Gaming creation.

1. Global Cup Soccer Slots

Global Cup Soccer Slots connects your love for soccer with your desire for winning big cash prizes. Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world, but it is time for some changes when you play it on this three reel slot machine with one pay line. Usually, soccer is a game that you are only allowed to play with your feet, but now you are required to use your hands as well to click the spin button. There is another change, because now you no longer have to wait until the world cup kicks off. You are in charge at global Cup Soccer Slots. Play this classic game whenever you want, take your team by the hand and become a legend when you score those winning cash goals in this Rival Gaming slot title.

Multiple Digits On The Scoreboard

Not much beats the high level of excitement that a sports game can deliver, except for maybe the thrill of playing for big cash amounts during a slot game session. But what if you are able to combine the pleasures of gripping sports games with lucrative gambling sessions? Then, the level of entertainment is going to be huge. Luckily, you are not far away from experiencing such a high level of entertainment. All that you need to do is go to your favorite casino and play the described top 5 online sports themed slots. It certainly will not take long before your scoreboard starts to show multiple digits, when such profitable slot machine titles enter the playing field.