Deep Space And Vast Amounts Of Money Await You At These Top 5 Sci-Fi Slots

Buckle your seat belts, because you are about to be launched into space for an unforgettable exploration mission to the Top 5 sci-fi Slots. Does battling a mean alien, exploring alternate universes, going beyond the event horizon, discovering new planets and taking care of an alien plant from Venus, totally sounds like your cup of thee? Then your life is about to get very interesting, because the following Top 5 sci-fi slots offer exactly that. But there is more, because while experiencing these extraordinary adventures, you also have the opportunity to win large sums of cash. There is no need to wait any longer. Launch your spaceship and travel beyond the boundaries of our planet to get a piece of space entertainment.

5. Arrival Slots

At Betsoft Gaming's Arrival slots, it is your time to save the galaxy from the villainous alien Zarpon and his strong army of invading robots. Destruction and chaos are everywhere, and now it is your task to battle the invaders and restore order. Start playing this appealing 5 reel slot and let the galactic police help you on your mission to get rid of Zarpon and his robots. A big reward is coming your way with lightning speed, if you manage to defeat the invaders. While on your mission, keep an eye out for the female galactic police attributes. Three of these icons trigger a thrilling bonus round, in which you need to free the kidnapped galactic female officer to receive extra cash rewards. Start spinning those reels and connecting those 30 pay lines at this 3D slot title, because this is your time to reach a legendary status as a hero and a savior of the galaxy.

4. Cosmic Quest I: Mission Control Slots

Get into your moon boots, put on your space helmet and let Cosmic Quest Episode One take you to a different universe. A lot of alluring benefits await you, when you go on an adventurous cosmic quest in this alternate universe. Make sure that you spin the right symbols in this 5 reel slot with 20 pay lines, because a lucrative bonus round, luck enhancing free spins, and lots of amazing cash prizes will then definitely reach you at warp speed. The level of gambling entertainment really shows no boundaries in this superstar i-Slot from software developer Rival Gaming.

3. Event Horizon Slots

Use the force to spin your spaceship into the galaxy, beyond space time's unknown horizon. You are about to explore many galaxies and alternate realities while playing the epic Event Horizon slot machine game from software developer Betsoft Gaming. Lucrative symbols will pop up like stars in the galaxy, once you start spinning the reels and enter the magical event horizon. Match these symbols and create powerful winning combinations with the beneficial sync reels feature. This feature works on the basis of an any-way-pays gambling style. That means that your winnings can truly become extraordinary in this 3D slot title with 5 reels and a tremendous amount of 243 winning opportunities.

2. Cosmic Quest II: Mystery Planets Slots

If you thought that Cosmic Quest I: Mission Control was already an epic space adventure, then you are going to have a blast when you spin the 5 reels of Rival Gaming's Cosmic Quest Episode Two - Mystery Planets. This 20 pay line slot machine title is the second part of the beloved Cosmic Quest series, and it promises an abundance of casino money rewards to aspiring astronauts and explorers. During this unforgettable space adventure, you discover unknown territories, unexplored planets, strange robots and of course a lot of cash prizes. Look for the special Scatterstronaut bonus round during your quest, because it offers you the unique chance to control a high tech spaceship. Try Cosmic Quest II: Mystery Planets Slots today, because going on a space exploration trip was never so fun and never so lucrative.

1. It Came From Venus Slots

Return to your home planet for a while, because It Came From Venus slots offers a bit of sci-fi entertainment on Earth, or in the earth actually. Skeeter the farmer is in a lot of trouble. He lately experiences a quite unusual problem. An alien plant from Venus likes his farm and now considers it his home. This is of course a life changing event for Skeeter. Things become even crazier when lieutenant Pogue shows up with his army. He is on a mission to capture and dissect the strange visitor from Venus. Skeeter is not going to let this happen though, because he likes his new friend. It is up to you to make him a hero in this enjoyable Betsoft Gaming 3D slot title with 5 reels and 30 pay lines. The rewards could be very fruitful, if you succeed in helping Skeeter to keep his green friend out of the hands of the fanatic lieutenant Pogue.

Launch Into Space To Become A Slot Machine Astronaut Superstar

Head over to your favorite online casino because your world is becoming a lot more extraordinary when you decide to explore the top 5 sci-fi themed slots in this list. Laugh at the quirkiness of the aliens that you encounter, marvel at the vastness and the magic of the galaxy, feel the thrill of entering an undiscovered planet or controlling a high-tech spaceship and enjoy the generous amounts of cash that are about to hit you like a meteor shower.