Top 5 Fantasy Themed Slots That Put A Spell On You

Are you ready for a gambling experience that is extremely intense and enchanting? Do you like slot machines where the prizes are bigger, where the animations are more intriguing and where the atmospheres are truly magical? Then you have definitely come to the right place, because the games in this 5 fantasy themed slots list are the cream of the crop when it comes to magical gambling experiences. Like most fairy tales, the beginning of your slot game adventure starts familiar. There once was a place where 5 amazing fantasy themed slots flourished. Each of these slots possessed the magical power to turn gamblers into lifelong fans and also very rich players. How the story continues? That is all up to you, because you are about to embark on your very own fairy tale adventure into the mysterious and magic online slot machine realms.

5. Diggin' Deep Slots

It is time to light up your lantern and to grab your pickaxe. Software Developer Rival Gaming welcomes you to the subterranean realms of Diggin' Deep Slots. You have an important digging job to do in a mineral invested mine. That sure sound lucrative, but it is not going to be an easy task, because you will face harsh conditions in the deep and dark depths of the earth. Luckily, the digging is replaced by spinning. That will make the job of exploring the mine for valuable mineral deposits a lot more convenient. The fact that you get help from a group of funny little diggers is also going to help. They are your light in the darkness, and not only because of their yellow colored skin but also because of their cheerful mood and joyful dances. With such helpers on your side, it is the perfect time to mine your way to richness.

Now It is time to get to work brave miner. Start spinning those 5 reels, because daylight is quickly burning away and, more importantly, so is it the fuel in your lantern. Grab all the necessary tools and attributes, which include a mine cart, a pickaxe, a shovel and a hammer, and start your decent. Follow the paths of the 20 win lines and you will not get lost down in the deep. Be careful down there though, because there is one little greedy goblin creature that lurks in the depths of the mine. It uses a bag of unexpected tricks to make you a very miserable and poor miner.

4. Candy Cottage Slots

Sugar and large amounts of cash are the sweets of life, and now it is time to combine those two delights together in Candy Cottage slots. This delicious slot title takes you on a journey that leads you to a special candy cottage in the forest. This is not a normal cottage though. In fact, it is a rather colorful and mouth-watering cottage, because it is fully made out of candy and gingerbread. The exterior of this sweet little house sure looks attractive, but what could be inside of it? It is a sure bet that you want to take a quick peek to find out.

Once inside, you find even more tasty treats. Be aware though, because there lives a nasty witch in this alluring house, and she is definitely more sour and bitter than she is sweet. The dinner that she's cooking, does not make the situation any better as well. Remember to stay away from her, and you might end up with a full tummy of sugar and a full bag of coins in this 5 reel Rival Gaming video slot machine title with a variety of tasty pay lines.

3. Cash Money Mermaids Slots

Did you ever wonder what a mermaid does when she has a lot of money and time? Probably not, but you are about to find out when you spin the reels of Cash Money Mermaids slots. The lovely mermaids that you are going to meet, are not the average mythical creatures that you got to know from all the old folklore tales. Software developer Betsoft Gaming gives the mysterious and beautiful ladies of the sea a more modern character. These trendy ladies love to entertain themselves with music and they have a need for earning cash and going to the hottest parties. DJ King Tune brings you and all the underwater creatures to the dance floor in this bubbly slot title. Join the special VIP party, and let the mermaids show you how to have a great time deep in the sea. However, do not drink too much bubbles, because you need to stay sharp for the underwater tour along all the sunken treasures that await you. Collect mermaid and party themed symbols by spinning 5 reels and use 25 pay lines to claim your cash prizes.

2. Enchanted Slots

In online slot machine land, it can hardly get any more charming and magical than in Enchanted slots from gambling software creator Betsoft Gaming. This lovely 5 reel slot machine game with 30 pay lines, drags you into a wonderful world that is full of magical elements, wizardry spells and profitable fortunes. Those great fortunes will definitely come to you, if you manage to bring a happy ending to this beautifully animated 3D slot game fairy tale. Lately, trouble has come to the enchanted lands. Some of the magical creatures in Enchanted Slots are desperately in need of your help. The elf Tonk needs some assistance with his tinkering doors, and the fairy Feera would be very pleased if you rescue her precious birdie from a mean and ugly Ogre that goes by the name Rufus. Are you up for the challenge and an adventure of a lifetime? Just know that you are going to be generously rewarded for your bravery and commitment. Spin the slot machine reels and take away the problems from these spellbinding creatures. Great prizes will magically start to fall into your lap if you do so.

1. Dragons Slots

Every top 5 fantasy themed slot list should include a game with dragons in it. These fantasy creatures are feared by many, but they are also respected for their wisdom and great power. In some cultures, dragons are even thought to bring luck and wealth to the people, and that is just what you need when you start spinning the reels from a slot machine game. Luckily for you, it is also no secret that dragons like to sleep on huge mountains of treasure. Well, they might appear to be sleeping, but keep in mind that they always guard their treasures fiercely. The mighty dragons in this 5 reel and 25 pay lines slot title are no exception to that rule. Are you brave enough to enter their lair and dodge the flames to get to the ultimate treasure?

During your exploits in the dragons den, you encounter flaming wilds, fireballs and a lot of other hot elements. Defeat the dragons, steel their cash and escape from their dangerous lair. You will forever be regarded as a hero. Not just an ordinary hero, but a very wealthy one.

Play The Top 5 Fantasy Themed Slots And Embark On An Magical and Profitable Quest for Cash

With the top 5 fantasy themed online slots in this list, you are almost always going to experience a happy ending. Despite the often dangerous creatures that you are about to encounter and the thrilling adventures that you are going to experience, you can always be assured that there is some illustrious treasure nearby. To get to such glorious treasures, you have to enter a vast and dark mine, resist some sugary sweet witch traps, dive to the groovy bottom of the sea, rescue a magical creature from the hands of a ugly ogre and fight with big and dangerous dragons, but isn't that a part of all the fun?