Travel Back In Time To Collect Some Legendary Treasures

Did you ever dreamed of playing an important role in history? Did you ever felt the desire to build a time travel machine to travel back into the past and meet the greatest rulers and heroes from ancient periods? Then this is your opportunity to bend the rules of time. These 7 History Themed Slots provide you with the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to ancient empires and fight legendary battles. During your adventures, you get to meet various famous (historical) figures like Julius Caesar, the emperor of the mighty Roman Empire, Ares, the powerful Greek god of War and also Oogh the caveman. You get to fight ancient battles at the walls of Troy and at the lands of the powerful Spartans. You also go on a gold hunt during the legendary American gold rush and you have the amazing opportunity to travel back far in time, when dinosaurs still roamed the earth. Last but not least, you also get to meet the legendary and very wealthy Aztecs. Do all these opportunities make you excited? Then jump in your time travel machine and visit the top 7 history themed slots today.

1. Caesar's Empire Slots

Head over to your favorite casino to try out Caesar's Empire slots from software developer Real Time Gaming. This 5 reel game takes you back in time to a period that was dominated by war and the need to get as powerful and wealthy as possible. Embrace yourself and be brave, because you are going to search for some of the most glorious treasures that are known in this ancient civilization. You are going to need the strength and confidence of a fierce full warrior to claim your prize. Look for Julius Caesar when you spin the reels. This mighty ruler and warrior can be of great assistance to you, when he shows up on the slot reels. There is an old saying that all the ways lead to Rome. Now you can add that all the 20 pay lines lead to richness in Caesar's Empire Slots.

2. Ares: the Battle for Troy Slots

In Ares: The Battle of Troy Slots from Genesis Gaming, it is your turn to earn large sums of cash and rewrite the history books. This time, you go all the way back to the legendary battle for Troy. You play your part in this battle, and there is one simple mission that needs to be completed. You need to join your fellow Greek warriors and conquer the mighty City of Troy to retrieve Helen. You are about to become very rich once that task is done, because there are plenty piles of silver and gold that are stashed inside the city. Do not waste any time, because those piles of treasure are waiting for you. Grab your helmet and your armor and make sure that the enemy runs away in fear. Fight a glorious battle and become as powerful and money hungry as Ares, the strong Greek god of war. This legendary odyssey takes place on a slot with 5 reels and 243 winning opportunities.

3. Gold Rush Slots

Net Entertainment's Gold Rush Slots takes you back to a time that makes every gambler enthusiastic. Gold rush fever has struck on you, and there is only one medicine. It is time to grab your pickaxe and join the adventurous fortune seekers during the legendary gold rush period. Rumor has it that the mountain streams in California hide a lot of wonderful gold pieces. Could it really be true? The only way to find out is when you spin the 3 reels of this classic adventure slot and get into the water to search for those golden hot spots that will certainly make you a very wealthy man. This joyful one pay line slot game sure manages to bring back to life a very exciting period in the history of America, and things will certainly become even more exciting when you manage to collect those precious golden nuggets.

4. Spartan Warrior Slots

Many wars took place in history and many warriors became legends because of their strength, bravery and strong fighting abilities. There is of course one particular group of ancient soldiers that immediately comes to mind when the words bravery, strength and skills are mentioned. Every war and history fan must have heard about the fierce Spartan warriors. They are portrayed in books, movies, and series, and now also in a 15 pay line slot machine game from developer Rival Gaming. You are in control of the spinning reels of this slot title. But before you start spinning, you must consider if you are ready to take your place in the mightiest army of ancient history. Start an intense training session to show that you are ready to spin the 5 reels of this Spartan warrior themed slot and that you are worthy of the temples, ships, armor and weapons that are given to you to protect the homeland from invading armies. Fight brave and never back down or lower your shield. You will be honored for your heroic deeds and the stories of your legendary slot game battles will be told by many admirers.

5. 2 Million BC Slots

Now it is time to go a bit further back in history. Let Betsoft Gaming take you to a much simpler period in time, when man spun their wooden clubs around instead of their pickaxes and swords. You are about to meet the caveman Oogh, who is living in his cozy prehistoric comfort zone. However, he now has to leave his comfort zone, because some diamonds twinkled in the eyes of his wife and got her attention. Now it is up to Oogh to find more of those diamonds, to keep her satisfied and happy. You have a chance to receive some precious treasures as well, if you decide to join him on his prehistoric diamond hunting quest. All you need to do is spin the 5 reels and make winning connections with the 30 available pay lines at 2 Million BC slots.

6. Back In Time Slots

From the prehistoric ages, it is just a small step to the age of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs can definitely be very scary and dangerous, but you do not have to worry about that when you play Back in Time slots. The baby dinosaurs that you meet in this game, are really cute and small. The cash prizes are definitely not small though. They make the time travel trip definitely satisfying. Simpler times ask for simpler slots, and that is exactly what you get with this classic 3 reel and 8 pay lines slot title from casino game developer Betsoft Gaming.

7. Aztec Treasures Slots

The legendary Aztec's can definitely not be ignored in a top 7 history themed slot list that describes various powerful empires an civilizations. You are about to visit a luxurious land that holds many treasures. The Aztecs rules this land, and they like to share their valuable possessions with you. It is wise to say yes to such a generous offer, because you might end up with a bag full of high quality and highly valuable goods. Aztec Treasures slots from developer Betsoft Gaming has 5 reels and 30 pay lines.

Become The Most Successful Slot Game Player In History

Are you ready to become the most successful slot game player in history? Time will certainly tell. Head over to your favorite online gambling platform and set out on an historic quest that will hopefully reward you with a lot of special treasures from far away times. Your slot machine is now also your time machine, so push the buttons and make it spin, because a lot of historic figures from the past are waiting for you in the top 7 history themed slot games.