Become A Wealthy Hero While Playing The Best Dragon Themed Slots

Are you ready to become a hero when you play the best dragon themed slots? Get ready because it is going to be a hot, dangerous and busy adventure. There are princesses that need to be rescued, treasures that need to be claimed and, most importantly, legendary dragon fights that need to be won. Be brave and defeat those pesky fire-breathing creatures, because you definitely want to claim that title of heroic dragon slayer.

Dragon Princess Slots

Experience a mythical and exotic journey in Dragon Princess Slots. Spin the reels and travel to the mystical Asian continent, where the amazing Dragon Princess is already waiting for you. She takes you on an extraordinary adventure that will make you very wealthy if you manage to survive and defeat all the dangers on the road. Especially the fire-breathing dragons are a serious threat, because they refuse to share any of their precious treasures with you. Let the Dragon Princess be your guide to luck and fortune in this 5 reel and 25 pay line title from slot machine developer Genesis Gaming.

Dragons Slots

In most fairy tales, the dragons play an evil role. They intent to put fear in the hearts of people, and that certainly counts for the dragons in Dragons Slots as well. Only the most brave and fearless heroes have the courage and will to fight with these powerful creatures. Piles of gold are often the incentive, when they do decide to go out and defeat the dragons. Dragons like to collect gold and they fiercely guard their treasures with giant claws and hero roasting breaths. You will learn about their impressive powers and capabilities once you start spinning the 5 reels of Dragons Slots, because as soon as the reels are turning, you will be bombarded with flaming wilds, fireballs and other hot elements. Will you manage to escape the dragon's lair alive and with some serious loot? Find out if you have it in you to become a legend and start to spin the reels of the 25 pay line Dragons Slots game.

Fantasy Fortune Slots

A good fantasy story has a big and mean fire spitting dragon in it. Preferably one that causes so much trouble that it upsets the brave white knight to a point that he grabs his shining armor and his sword to go on a heroic and vicious dragon hunt. In Fantasy Fortune Slots, you will certainly experience some medieval dragon fighting action. Other fantasy elements will make the fairy tale complete. This game boasts mystical unicorns, despicable goblins, a wizard, an evil dark knight, huge castles and of course a very pretty princess that needs to be rescued. Become a medieval hero and claim your prize in this beautifully animated 5 reel and 20 pay line slot title from Rival Gaming.

Once Upon A Time Slots

Once upon a time slots is a game that revolves around a unique fairy tale. Various typical fairy tale elements are present, like for example the distressed princess, the brave knight and the evil dragon. However, this fantasy story is special, because the ending of the story is still open. You create the rest of the story while you spin the 5 reels and roam around in a fantasy world that is full of nasty goblins and dangerous dragons. How is the tale going to end? Will the knight be able to defeat the dragon and claim the cash prizes for you? Are the knight and princess going to live happily ever after? Will you obtain enough treasures to create a luxurious life for yourself? There is only one way to find out. Discover what this 3D video slot title with its 30 pay lines is going to offer you. Head over to your favorite online casino and start to spin the reels of Once Upon A Time Slots from Betsoft Gaming.

Fight Dragons And Claim The Treasures That They Guard

Dragons can be tough and smart opponents, but as a heroic knight, you obviously know how to defeat them to obtain their treasures and to rescue the poor princesses. Honor and wealth will be upon you, and your story will be told in many fairy tales. Those are definitely benefits that are worth the fights and the spins. Do not wait any longer. Get your piece of the action and the loot with the best online dragon themed slot machines.