Shower In Blood And Coins With The Best Zombie Themed Slot Titles

Zombies look very disgusting, they also behave disgusting and they are of course very dangerous, mainly because of their constant desire to feast on human flesh. But despite these slightly annoying quirks, they are still immensely popular among movie lovers and game enthusiasts. Luckily, gambling and zombie fans now have a chance to combine their favorite hobbies when they decide to play the best online zombie themed slot titles. Fighting zombies was never as lucrative and enjoyable as in these entertaining and gory slot machine games. Pick your poison and start to spin the reels, because you are in for a gory adventure that will shower you with blood but also with a lot of coins.

Zombies Versus Cheerleaders Slots

Get ready for a spectacle that you will not see very often. A bunch of good looking cheerleaders take up the weapons to fight some flesh eating corpses in Zombies Versus Cheerleaders Slots. Make sure that you have a strong stomach and a love for beautiful girls, because beauty and gore never got so uniquely mixed up as in this bizarre 25 pay line slot machine title. Spin the 5 reels and sit back to watch the brutal battle between brain eating zombies and sexy cheerleaders evolve. Who will come out of the school building as the glorious winner? It might be you, because you have an opportunity to benefit financially from this bloody catastrophe.

Zombiezee Money Slots

Love is in the air tonight. It is the love for flesh and you can smell it in the air. Brains, blood and rotting flesh transform the streets into a culinary feast of the dead. But the walking dead never seem to satisfy their appetite. They are always searching for unlucky victims. Everybody is in serious danger in this creepy 5 reel and 20 pay line slot machine game from Rival Gaming. Will you manage to escape the town, together with your tough as nails group of survivors? Be aware of a quirky and funny looking group of creeps on your way out. Zombie baby, zombie girl and all their friends want to eat, and they really have no desire to wait.

Zombies Versus Cheerleaders II Slots

Couldn't get enough of those sexy, zombie bashing cheerleaders did you? Now you have an opportunity to enjoy them again in Zombies Versus Cheerleaders II Slots, which of course is a sequel of the very popular Zombies vs Cheerleaders Slots game. You will be more than satisfied as a fan of this unique genre, because you are going to see more blood, more zombies and more cheerleaders in this 5 reel and 25 pay line game. Help the girls to save their high school from the bloodthirsty horde, and become the ultimate zombie bashing hero that gets all the girls and all the profits.

Stop The Hunt For Flesh And Satisfy Your Own Appetite For Money

Flesh eating zombies are the perfect monsters for an entertaining and thrilling horror session at your favorite online slot machines. But make no mistake, because these brain eating monstrosities are fierce opponents, and they put some serious teeth in their never ending mission to eat you alive. However, if you are smart and quick enough to avoid them, or even manage to slash them into pieces with some help of badass cheerleaders and your friends, then you might leave the blood splattered battleground with a very big bag of cash as a reward for all your humanity saving efforts. Head over to your favorite online casino and let this lucrative nightmare become reality.