Best Monster Themed Slot Titles

Are you ready for a scary but also very lucrative slot game adventure? Then be brave and take a peek in the darkest nooks and cranny's from the best monster themed slot titles. There might be some hideous creatures hiding in these places, but the one that you are going to meet in the best online monster themed slot titles, are not only out to scare you, but also to make you very rich. It is time to spin the reels, because you never know what kind of life changing opportunities hide in the darkest corners of the following online slot machine titles.

Nuclear Fishin' Slots

Warning: Please be very cautious, because nuclear Fishin' Slots from casino software house Rival Gaming is a contaminated game. A very evil company did not think about the environment and dumped all its nuclear waste barrels into the depths of the ocean. This shameless action obliviously has its consequences. Without knowing or realizing it, the company has caused the fish in the ocean to mutate into monstrous freaks. This environmental catastrophe of course needs to be stopped, and that is exactly what you are going to do when you spin the 5 reels of this toxic 25 pay line game. Help to clean up the ocean and you might end up with some lucrative rewards for all your efforts. Just be aware of those monstrously looking fishes, because they sure are nasty and scary.

Under The Bed Slots

Under The Bed Slots from Betsoft Gaming takes you back to your childhood days. Those where the days when you often could not sleep and lay shivering in your bed, especially when your parents switched off the lights in your room. At such a moment, you strongly believed that monsters where hiding everywhere. They were hiding under the bed and in your closet. Every shadow and every piece of clothing looked like a terrifying figure, waiting for an opportunity to jump on you when the light switched off. Back then, you probably never thought that there would be a day that these monsters would come back to your room to make you happy and reward you with great fortunes. But that is exactly what happens when you play the 5 reels and 30 pay lines from Under The Bed Slots. So don't be afraid to look under the bed or in the closet, because you might find a nice pile of coins instead of a dangerous monster.

Big Money Bigfoot Slots

Something exciting is about to happen when you play Big Money Bigfoot Slots from developer Genesis Gaming , because in this 5 reel and 25 pay line game, you are going to meet a very mysterious and elusive monster that usually likes to hide from the public. But now you are one of the privileged people who gets to see how he lives his life and how he responds when he finally meets a human. There have been many tales about Bigfoot, and there is a big chance that you have imagined how it would be to see him. But you will soon discover that he is even more amazing than you could have ever thought of. Bigfoot is one incredibly charming monster, and he also turns out to be very rich and generous. Track him and you might have an opportunity to share in his wealth.

Enjoy Monstrously Good Winnings With The Best Monster Themed Slot Titles

When you play the best online monster themed slot titles, you soon discover that not all monsters are super scary and dangerous. Don't always be misled by their ugly appearances, because some of them can be blessed with pleasant and generous personalities. Everybody always runs away from those poor and lonely monsters, but if you decide to not panic and do the exact opposite, then you might benefit from their charming and helpful personalities. That is especially the case with some of the unique creatures in the best monster themed slot titles, because they are about to reward you with monstrously good cash winnings.