Cleopatra's Coins Slots

You will know Cleopatra already, of course, and she is definitely the star of the show in this particular slot game. The detailed images on the game screen will help you get into the mood of this game, but there are some great elements here that make it more appealing to play as well.

Are you ready to take a closer look at the Cleopatra’s Coins slot game?

How many reels and paylines are packed into the game?

This is a standard five-reel game featuring 15 paylines in total – an easier number to cover for those on smaller budgets.

What about coin values?

The default here is five cents, but you can drop it to one cent per line if you wish. You can also increase the value of each coin to a maximum of one dollar. This game also has the ability to choose between one and five coins on each payline.

Are there special symbols featured in Cleopatra’s Coins?

Yes, you will get a wild symbol that depicts a beetle and the word wild beneath it. Five of these on the same payline will trigger a 5,000-coin reward. This will substitute for everything else except a snake, as this is the scatter symbol. It doesn’t appear with the word scatter on it though – instead it appears labeled as free spins.

Is there a bonus round on another screen?

No, but you will get the chance to win some free spins in Cleopatra’s Coins. You will need at least three of the free spin scatters in order to get these. Three are rewarded with 10 free spins, while an extra one will get you 20 free spins in total. If you manage to snag five scatters, you will get no fewer than 100 free spins.

Additionally, every prize you manage to get during the free spins round will be tripled, enabling you to get much more in the way of rewards if at all possible.

Download and play Cleopatra’s Coins slots now!

The game is pretty smooth and plays well, and while there is no real bonus game, the multiplier attached to the free spins rounds is well worth having. You will see any winning lines you come up with quite easily, as they are labeled as such on the screen.

Whether this turns out to be your favorite game or not, you’ll definitely enjoy the prospect of playing Cleopatra’s Coins in the hope of winning some coins of your own!