Stay Rich Forever With The Best Diamond Themed Slot Titles

Diamonds are forever and they are of course a girl's best friend, but with the best diamond themed slot titles, these precious and valuable gems become everybody's friend. The diamonds in this gave are definitely giving you a touch of forever, because they have the capability of making you rich for the rest of your life. However, you have to do something to claim these valuable objects. Luckily, that task is very enjoyable and entertaining. Go to your gambling platform of choice, and pick a game from the best diamond themed slot titles list. Then all you need to do is spin, dig and pick all the diamonds that are being presented to you. These rare and precious gems are connected to numerous rewards, which include free games, multipliers, bonuses and of course cash prizes. You will find them mostly in dark and remote places like deep mines, dense jungles and even space, but everywhere they will shine a bright light on your mood and on your casino bank account

Diamond Cherries Slots

Diamonds immediately become your best friend when you play Diamond Cherries Slots from Rival Gaming. This recently released classic 1 pay line slot title lets you spin 3 reels with familiar symbols like lucky sevens, shiny diamonds, delicious red diamond cherries and bar attributes (single, double and triple). The diamond icons are the scatter attributes. These diamonds are very valuable, because you receive a three times payout if one shows up on the reels, a nine times payout when you spin two of them, and an amazing 300 times payout when you spin a total of three diamond attributes. Diamond cherries function as wild icons, but they are also valuable multipliers. Spin one wild icon and you receive a two times multiplier on your payout. Spin two wild attributes and you receive a four times multiplier. Diamond Cherries Slots is a great game for beginners and also for experienced reel spinners, who like to play this game because it provides them with an old school gambling experience that takes them back to simpler times. However, simpler times do not mean lower payouts. Diamond Cherries Slots definitely lets you win very attractive cash prizes if you manage to spin winning and glimmering symbol combinations.

Diamond Dazzle Slots

Diamond Dazzle Slots is another classic slot title creation from Rival Gaming. This three reel and one pay line game does exactly what its name already reveals. It will dazzle you with the most valuable diamonds. These diamonds are actually so valuable and amazing that they are out of this world. They have left the ordinary world and now shine their lights on you from space, where they act like beautiful, sparkling stars. Spin the reels and discover various precious symbols like the Onyx Star, the Amethyst Octagon, the Sapphire Hexagon, the Emerald Pentagon, the Citrine Square and the Ruby Triangle. You also have the opportunity to collect diamonds in various sizes. All these valuable symbols are there for you, and they will make you very rich. But that is not all that they do, because they will also provide you with the stylish glitter and glamour that matches so well with a wealthy lifestyle. Spin the reels of Diamond Dazzle Slots and give yourself and these jewels what they deserve. That is, a place among the most fabulous and glamorous stars in the universe.

Diamond Dozen Slots

Everyone enjoys it when they receive diamonds. However, you might think that having one of these shiny gems is already great, but being in the possession of a dozen diamonds is absolutely fabulous. Are you curious to know how it feels to have such an amount of precious gems? Then you should definitely play Diamond Dozen Slots, because you will be showered with precious jewels in this 5 reel and 20 pay line game from developer Real Time Gaming (RTG). But that is not all, because you will also be rewarded with a lot of coins, free spins and multipliers. Play Diamond Dozen Slots and find out what a valuable gem this slot machine game really is. You will also find out why men and women always fall in love with the sparkling gems that form the theme of this game. One of the strongest attractive factors of diamonds are of course their value. But in a diamond themed slot game, they even have a double value. When you spin them on the reels, they often reward you with precious cash rewards as well. While playing this game, you will come across blue (scatter) and white (wild) diamonds. Some of the other available icons are a woman, a rose and a wallet.

Diamonds Downunder Slots

Collect all your mining tools and head over to the beautiful and remote Australian outback, because it is time to dig up some rare jewels in Diamonds Down Under Slots. This slot machine title is an entertaining 5 reel and 15 pay line creation from casino software developer Rival Gaming. Collecting the diamonds is going to be a fun experience, but be aware of some hazards while digging up those gems. The Australian outback is rich with precious jewels but also with wildlife. Some of the typical Australian animals, like kangaroos and koalas, are often friendly, but don't let the more mean minded crocodiles and lizards bite you during your mining exploits. Make sure to spin the right icons on the slot reels, because you will come across many useful symbols that provide you with items that you can definitely use during your mining mission. Some of the most important symbols are a pickaxe (wild), an Aborigine (scatter), and a treasure map (second scatter). The tasty beer can is also a welcome present on the reels, especially after a hot mining day in the adventurous land of Crocodile Dundee.

Jenny Nevada And The Diamond Temple Slots

Meet Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots. Jenny is a brave and adventurous girl who is on an exciting mission in the dense and mysterious jungle. This jungle hides a lot of temples and other ruins from ancient and forgotten civilizations. These ruins, at their turn, hide a lot of age-old artifacts and, most importantly, precious diamonds. Jenny Nevada did not walk into the jungle unprepared. She is in possession of the tools that will help her to get the ancient loot. Are you wondering what these helpful tools are that will support you and Jenny in this adventurous quest for richness? Spin the 5 reels of this 20 pay line game and you will see a machete, a whip, a treasure map, binoculars and also Jenny's precious hat. Do you have what it takes to help Jenny on her quest in Jenny Nevada and the Diamond Temple Slots from developer Rival Gaming? Make sure that she pulls the correct levers, that she slides the right skulls and that she avoids the hidden booby traps. Jenny will then be more than happy to share all the rewards that she finds.

Super Diamond Mine Slots

There is a popular saying that states where there is no pain, there is no gain. Super Diamond Mine Slots is definitely a slot title that lets you gain a lot, but of course you also need to 'work' a lot for it. In this 5 reel and 9 pay line game, that means that you have to dig up the diamonds in a deep cave. Grab your safety hat and your flashlight, and get ready for your decent into the mine and your accent into richness, as soon as you spin the reels of Super Diamond Mine Slots. Spinning is not the only thing you are going to do when playing this game, because you also need to blow up boulders with dynamite, and you need to use pickaxes to dig your way to those valuable diamonds. At the end of the day, all the dangerous and hard work will definitely be worth it, because you are going to walk away from the mine with a sparkling bag of diamonds and coins when you play Super Diamond Mine Slots from slot gem developer Real Time Gaming (RTG).

Precious Gems Are Your Friends In The Best Diamond Themed Slot Titles

Get ready for an amazing shower of gems and coins, because you are about to play the best diamond themed slot titles at your favorite online gambling platform. From the outback of Australia to deep space, and from lush jungles to dark mines in the depths of the earth, those lucrative diamonds are everywhere. Now it is your task to claim them by spinning the right slot machine symbols. Spin the reels, collect your jewels, gain your fortune and live the glamorous life that was always there waiting for you to claim it.