Gain Lots Of Furry Friends And Profitable Cash Prizes With The Top 5 Animal Themed Slots

Angry buffalo's, scared chickens, golden gorillas, roaring lions, hungry bunnies, what more can you wish for as an avid animal lover? A big pile of cash is the exception probably. But with the top 5 animal themed slots in this list, you are going to get both pleasures. Indulge yourself in lush green landscapes, grab your binoculars and get ready for a lot of animal watching, reel spinning, money growing slot game adventures.

5. Golden Gorilla Slots

Golden Gorilla Slots welcomes you to the wild jungle. In this lush environment, gorillas and other creatures roam around and guard mysterious treasures. In this 5 reel and 50 pay line video slot game from Rival Gaming, it is up to you and a team of brave explorers to find all these lost artifacts and valuable relics. During your trip, you encounter a large variety of flora and fauna. Monkeys and gorillas swing around on branches, and there are also snakes, flowers and jungle fruits. In nature, only the fittest survive. Do you possess the strength and the skills to overtake the throne from the Golden Gorilla and crown yourself as the new king of the jungle? With a little bit of luck and the help from your friends, you will experience amazing adventures and earn great winnings, which are as lush as the environment that they are hidden in.

4. Lion's Roar Slots

Lion's Roar Slots is themed around another powerful king of the animal kingdom. In this game, you go on a hunt for valuable prizes on 50 pay lines. Spin the reels with your dangerous, and powerful claws and reveal what lies hidden in the grass. It might be a tribal coin, a shield or a mask. Don't forget to let the savanna hear your cheerful roar, when you discover something big and receive a lion's share of the profit in this attractive 5 reel slot machine game from software creator Rival Gaming.

3. Blazin' Buffalo Slots

There is a place where the buffalo's like to roam and the deer like to play. You do not have to travel far to reach this natural spot. A visit to your favorite online casino takes you right to the mountains and the grasslands where the sun always shines. While playing, try to spot all the cool animals that roam around the plateau. In Rival Gaming's Blazin Buffalo video slot game, you have a chance to see wolves, bears and of course the blazing buffalo. Have a spin at the 5 reels, follow the paths of 50 pay lines, and visit a vast and untamed land with endless winning possibilities.

2. Chicken Little Slots

Be aware while playing Chicken Little Slots from Rival Gaming, because the sky is coming down in this cute and simple 3 reel and 1 pay line slot title. At least, if you believe Chicken Little's warning. The little chicken is telling the scary discovery to his friends, which include Ducky Lucky and Henny Penny. Join these funny characters in their quest to save everyone from the falling sky. That should keep you already very busy, but you have another task to do, which is making a lot of cash by spinning the slot machine reels. Are you brave enough to take both important tasks or do you rather chicken out?

1. Cream of the Crop Slots

The best things are always reserved for the end, and that is certainly the case with Cream of the Crop Slots. If besides playing slot games, you also love to work in the garden, then this is a perfect video slot game for you. It is a lovely day, because the sun is shining and the birds are singing. This offers a great opportunity to take care of your plants. However, if you play Cream of the Crop Slots from Rival Gaming, You might not only grow vegetables, fruits and flowers, but also some really fruitful cash prizes. While gardening in this 5 reel slot machine with 20 pay lines, you grow delicious veggies like pumpkins, peppers and carrots. There is one problem however, and it comes in the form of a hungry bunny. It is a good idea to catch this furry little animal before it starts to eat your crop. However, that is not the only good reason to catch it, because it also functions as a potentially fertile expanding wild.

Animal Adventures Combined With Wild Cash Winnings

Animals evoke strong feelings in humans. Fear, love and admiration are just a few of those strong feelings. That is why animals are a great theme for slot machine games. They always manage to add that extra touch to your gambling experience. Feel the thrill of the Lion hunt in Lion's Roar Slots, laugh at the silly adventures of a few birds in Chicken Little Slots, marvel at the power of the buffalo in Blazin' Buffalo Slots, search for the mysterious golden gorilla in Golden Gorilla Slots, and grab that darn too cute looking bunny before it start to eat your whole garden.