Best Prehistoric Themed Slot Titles

The prehistoric time of the dinosaurs and the caveman has always evoked a strong interest in human beings from all ages. Children and adults let their imagination run wild about these topics, and shows, movies, cartoons or books love to implement them in their stories. Thanks to the modern age, you now have the opportunity to experience a time when modern was not yet even a word and when wooden clubs or fires where the most innovative inventions. These days, we enjoy the benefits of the internet, and your favorite online casino now welcomes you to the best prehistoric themed slot titles. They offer you an opportunity to make historic cash winnings, while you take the effort and time to explore all the prehistoric worlds in these games. Enjoy realistic graphics and animations, get in contact with some of the mightiest dinosaurs and meet some friendly cavemen and their families.

One Million Reels BC Slots

One Million Reels BC Slots Spin back the time to about one Million BC and meet some kind and very generous dinosaurs that have a lot of cash that they want to give away to you. Play One Million Reels BC Slots and discover a young world that is dominated by dinosaurs, and which not yet fully explored by mankind. Spin the reels and collect typical prehistoric symbols like a pretty cavewoman, a huge T-Rex and various dinosaur eggs. One million years ago, life was of course much simpler than in these modern times. Therefore, this traditional slot title also keeps the game play simple for you. It provides an easy to use combination of three slot reels and five pay lines. Receiving cash prizes is also easy in this adventurous slot game creation from software developer Rival Gaming, because it has a lot of available winning opportunities that you can definitely profit from.

2 Million BC Slots

2 Million BC Slots Now you have a chance to go back in time even further with 2 Million BC slots . Oogh the caveman and his wife live in this ancient time period. Oogh has had a relatively easy life so far. He swings his club and throws his rocks and rests in his cave. However, things drastically change when his wife finds a bunch of glimmering diamonds. She becomes addicted to the shiny objects and now she really wants more diamonds. Of course it is up to Oogh to find them and keep his wife happy. Oogh's adventure is about to begin and it is a wise idea to follow him on his hunt for precious jewels, because Oogh is a very generous caveman. He will definitely share some of the newly found precious diamonds with you in this 5 reel and 30 pay line slot title adventure from online slot machine developer Betsoft Gaming.

Dino Island Slots

Dino Island Slots Dino Island takes you back a long, long time ago, to a period in history when humans where not the rulers of the planet. Mother Earth was still the home and playground of various powerful dinosaurs. With Dino Island Slots, you have the special opportunity to walk among these mighty beasts, and win some money while you do so. This slot machine title places you on a mysterious island that is invested with dinosaur eggs. Explore this mystical island and receive beneficial cash rewards if you manage to find some dinosaur eggs. Fuel that enthusiasm and curiosity in yourself, because this is one lucrative and adventures island that you definitely need to explore. Start you prehistoric trip by spinning the 5 reels of this original 25 pay line slot game from casino software creator Genesis Gaming.

Travel Back To The Prehistoric Ages To Earn Some Historic Cash Prizes

Are you ready to spin the reels of the best prehistoric themed slot machine titles and win some truly historic cash prizes? Then you are definitely in for the adventure of a lifetime, because you are going to experience some very unique and jaw dropping situations. Become a brave explorer and then return to the modern world as a wealthy man. Don't forget to tell everybody about your amazing adventures as a prehistoric time traveler. Not only do you get to brag to your friends that you had the chance to see real life dinosaurs and living caveman, but you also have the opportunity to show off your newly gained wealth.