Loot Treasures From Different Time zones With The Best Time Travel Slot Games

Human beings have always strongly imagined how it will be to travel into the future or into the past. By doing so, they would be able to experience historical events, meet famous people, see modern technologies and have a sneak peek at how the world looks like in different times. Now you have a special privilege, because you are one of the chosen persons that is allowed to have a real life peek into the earlier and later pages of the history book. It is fairly simple to travel back into the past or into the future. You don't need to build a dangerous and complicated time machine to do so. All you need to do is pay a visit to your preferred online casino and start to play one of the best time travel slot games from this list.

A Switch In Time Slots

If you want to have an exciting time travel adventure, then you need to find a smart scientist who knows how to build a trustworthy time machine for you. A Switch In Time Slots helps you with this need, because it lets you play a scientist who is planning to travel to the future, the past and the present times. It is going to be a wild adventure, because you are going to make new friends and also new enemies in every stage of the trip. Of course you also hope to pick up some valuable cash rewards during your special journey. Spin the reels of A Switch In Time Slots and discover to which exciting period the time travel machine will bring you in this enjoyable 5 reel and 20 pay line title from your favorite video slot machine builder Rival Gaming.

Back in Time Slots

Are you ready for a huge step back into the past? The reels in Back in Time Slots spin you all the way back to the wild dinosaur era. You will be dropped on an island where you find various baby dinosaurs, unhatched eggs and golden cash prize opportunities. Your trip back in time is definitely going to be rewarding. Wait no longer and spin those time bending reels in this classic and amazingly cute three reel and eight pay line video slot creation from time travel specialist Betsoft Gaming.

Future Fortunes Slots

Future Fortunes Slots lets you take a peek into what is yet to come. In order to do this, it uses all kinds of mysterious and fortune telling symbols and methods like palm reading, tarot cards, gypsy caravans and the famous fortune teller Nostradamus. Are you ready to see what the future will bring for you? It might be a great fortune. Start to spin the 5 reels of this 20 pay line video slot game from Rival Gaming and get the answers to your most pressing questions about the future.

The Curious Machine Slots

Meet Mr. Miles Bellhouse in The Curious Machine Slots and travel back in time with him and his robot Gizmo. In order to do this, you guys need to use the secret time travel machine from Mr. Miles Bellhouse. However, Mr. Bellhouse does not want you to tell anyone else about this machine, because General Traytor wants to steal his special time travel device. Take the once in a lifetime opportunity to travel into the past, before the General succeeds in his plan to steel the machine. The Curious Machine 3D video slot title from developer Betsoft Gaming has 5 time spinning reels and 30 pay lines that lead you to various historic treasures.

Become A Time Traveling Treasure Hunter With The Best Time Travel Slot Games

Are you ready to take a step back in time or into the future, now that you have figured out what the best time travel slot machine games are? If you are ready, then you should not wait any longer and start to spin the reels towards your preferred time period. Great fortunes, futuristic elements and historical adventures await you in the past and in the future. Make sure that you find your preferred treasures, and come back to the right time to enjoy all of your valuable cash prizes with your friends and family members in the comfortable present world.