Step Into The Shadows With The Top 5 Crime Themed Slots

It is now time to enjoy the darker pleasures of life with the top 5 online crime themed slots. Being a criminally good reel spinner was never so fun and lucrative. Put your moral issues aside and decide to earn some serious money as a bank robber, a thief or a gangster. However, you also have a chance to be on the other side of the cat and mouse game. Become a brave security guard or a nosy detective and protect valuable items from those pesky criminals or try to get them behind bars. It is up to you to decide what kind of night it is going to be. One thing is for certain however, you either walk away with a large amount of stolen valuables or with a lucrative bounty for catching some notorious criminals.

5. Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots

It is a lie that crime does not pay. In fact, it pays exceptionally well when you decide to play Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist slots from developer Rival Gaming. The boss needs your help because he has a big job planned for tonight. Do you have the skills and the nerves to pull it off? Then join the crew and claim your piece of the loot and the action during a professional bank heist. Your task is to bust your way into the bank vault and grab as much valuables as you manage to carry. Make sure that you are sharp when you start the heist, because any mistake could mean that you end up in the hands of the police. Spin the 5 reels, play the 15 pay lines and lay low once the cash is in your pockets.

4. A Night In Paris Slots

The Museum of Paris houses some of the most precious and valuable works of art. These art pieces are worth a lot of money, and that is exactly why the very smart and crafty thief Jacques plans to steal them from the museum. It is up to you to stop him from succeeding with his plans. Help the brave security guard Jerome LaBaste and Pierre the guard dog in their task to ruin the night for Jacques. Succeed in keeping him out of the museum and you earn yourself a big and satisfying cash reward. A night in paris slots has 5 reels and 30 pay lines. Betsoft Gaming is definitely 100 per cent guilty for creating this beautifully animated 3D slot title.

3. After Night Falls Slots

At night, the criminals rule the street and all of its dark alleys. Robbers and other criminals roam around and danger is lurking in the shadows. But the in the darkest places, you find the biggest clues. Are you ready to pair up with detective Rousseau to track down a cat thief and other mean criminals that cross your path? It might be a dangerous job but you will definitely be generously rewarded if you commit to the brave task of tracking down all the notorious criminals in the city. But no matter what kind of wealthy prizes await you, always remember to be on the lookout, because the night is going to be full of surprises in this thrilling 5 reel and 30 pay line slots game from casino software developer Betsoft Gaming.

2. Heist Slots

Did you ever have the desire to become a criminal and rob a bank? Then this is your opportunity to learn how to do it. Heist professional Neil Quailand will be your experienced teacher in the crime themed Heist Slots. Quailand is busy with the preparations for a spectacular bank robbery and you are allowed to join him as his partner in crime. The target is a bank vault that contains around 9 million in cash. That is some serious cash so there is no time to waste. Grab your explosives, glass cutters and a drill and get to work. Quailand is going to pass you a part of the loot if you guys manage to make the robbery a success. Heist is a thrilling 3D game from slot title developer Betsoft Gaming. It has a total of 5 reels and 30 pay lines.

1. SlotFather Slots

A list of crime themed slots is of course not complete without an organized crime family that controls it. Did you love The Godfather and did you always wanted to become a feared and respected Don yourself? Your wish is about to be fulfilled, because you have a chance to embark on a criminal gambling adventure in SlotFather Slots. You are about to become a member of the SlotFather's crime family. Team up with Frankie "da Fixer" and Sammy "Quickfingers" and get a quick lesson in what it means to be a gangster. SlotFather is the head of the family and he runs all the slot operations around the country. He is a tough criminal but he always rewards loyalty. Stay at his side and show him your respect, because he might reward you with some dubious amounts of money. Betsoft Gaming is the creator of SlotFather Slots. This 3D game has 5 reels and 30 pay lines.

Slot Game Offers That You Cannot Refuse

These top 5 Crime Themed Slots make cash and gambling offers that you definitely cannot refuse. When you choose the dark side instead of the also very rewarding side of the law, then there is of course a possibility that you get caught during your criminal exploits, but the possibility of getting away with large sums of money still makes it very attractive to take the risks. Whether it is joining a mobster family, planning a spectacular bank heist or participating in a thrilling and sneaky robbery in the midst of the night, you know that you are in for some serious slot action and some very rewarding cash prizes when you start your crime and spinning spree in these highly entertaining casino games.