Enjoy The Best Japan Themed Slots And Learn More About The vibrant Japanese Culture

Konnichiwa. Are you ready to take a trip to the land of the rising sun with the best Japan Themed online slot titles? During your trip, you will meet ancient Japanese warriors but also geisha's and other famous cultural figures and elements, and at the end of the day, you can relax and fill your stomach in a fine sushi restaurant. Get your flight ticket and your chopsticks and start your very own Japanese adventure with these excellent slot titles.

Japan-O-Rama Slots

Japan-O-Rama Slots focuses on a wide range of intriguing Japanese cultural aspects. You will find many typical ancient and modern symbols on the 5 slot reels of this game. Some of the more historic symbols are a geisha, a katana sword and a ninja. Some of the modern symbols are a bullet train, an anime figure and a robot. This interactive video slot game has 20 pay lines and it is developed by online slot machine producer Rival Gaming. It provides you with an excellent opportunity to learn more about the Japanese culture, and you will win great amounts of money at the same time.

Ronin Slots

Ronins where samurais who did not have a master. These 12th century warriors roamed the Japanese lands in search for honor and a lord that they could serve. During their time on the road, they used to collected many valuable treasures. Play Ronin slots from Real Time Gaming (RTG) and experience how these Japanese warriors used to live, and also learn about their lost treasures so that you can claim them for yourself. Do you have the will to undergo such an adventure and to become a honored and wealthy warrior yourself? You will find answers to these questions when you start to spin the 5 reels and make winning combination with the 20 available pay lines.

Sushi Bar Slots

A trip to Japan is of course not finished without a visit to a Japanese restaurant, to taste some of the most delicious pieces of sushi in town. Master sushi chef Haru knows exactly what kind of fish dishes he needs to prepare to make you fall in love with his food. While enjoying all his tasty creations, you will also fall in love with all the cash prizes that you are able to win when you enter his restaurant. This tasty slot machine title is a creation from Betsoft Gaming. It has 5 reels and 25 pay lines.

Enjoy The Rich Japanese Culture And Win Valuable Cash Prizes

Japan has an old and versatile culture. Some of those cultural aspects are beautifully displayed in these entertaining Japan themed slot games. Sit back in your chair and benefit from all the features that these slot titles have to offer. You will learn about Japan's historic days, when Ronins and samurais roamed the lands, and also about its modern inventions like the bullet trains and pachinko games. Of course you also benefit from all the exciting cash prizes that these games have to offer.