Do You Drink Coffee? Then You Could Be a Certain Type of Gambler

Who would have thought the coffee you drink could reveal anything about the online games you play? If you regularly grab a particular brand or style of coffee prior to booting up your computer for a game or two at your favorite online casino, that coffee could reveal what games you're likely to play even before you do so.

Fancy a frothy latte?

Ah, a latte… one of the best and most popular coffees you could drink. And that could be why you always head for the top games - the popular slots with multiple prizes and bonus games - whenever you play. You're someone who loves the process of playing exciting games just as much as winning.

"As it comes…"

The hardier souls among us are ready to drink a strong black coffee - no milk, no cream and no sugar. These souls are prepared to try the more challenging games, and to hit the casino tables in hope of winning a significant prize. They're focused on the end result - the chance to win some serious money.

Flavored coffees

Think vanilla latte or a coffee mocha, for example. These speak of someone who is willing to try something a little different. If a new game is released, they'll give it a try - even if it isn't something they would normally have a go at. They do still have their favorite games though.

Are you brave enough to try an espresso?

Not everyone can take a strong coffee. An espresso is designed to help dedicated players through longer sessions, especially during the night. It's for focused players who want to make sure their attentions are always on the game they have chosen.

A cappuccino or a café au lait

Something a little different from the usual coffee, here. If you prefer these styles of coffee, you're happy to enjoy the experience of gaming for what it is, and your prime focus isn't on coming out on top financially. You do like to try something a little more ambitious though, such as a slot game with more reels or rules that are slightly different from the norm.

As you can see, your choice of coffee can influence the type of games you like to play online… or should that be the other way around? Where do you fit in and how do you take your coffee?