Chicken Little Slots

The story of Chicken Little is one that many kids will be aware of. Now it has been used as the inspiration for a slot game that could spin you some great prizes if you get lucky.

We’ve delved into this game here for you, so you can be well-aware of what to expect if you decide to play it. Will this be a winning slot game for you?

How many reels and paylines are packed into the game?

This is a three-reel game and it has just one payline in action.

What about coin values?

You can play this as a penny slot if you like, but you also have the chance to play it as a high-stakes slot, as $10 is the highest coin value here. You can also choose to play one, two or three coins on the payline with each spin you make.

Are there special symbols featured in Chicken Little?

Chicken Little is the wild symbol, and he can stand in for every other symbol that appears in the game. Additionally, getting just one Chicken Little to help form a winning line means you will double your usual prize for that line. Chicken Little is also the highest-value symbol in the game. If you wager three coins and get three of the chicks on the line, you’ll win the game’s top prize of 4,000 coins.

Is there a bonus round on another screen?

No – as this is a basic three-reel slot, no additional bonus round is provided.

Download and play Chicken Little now!

As soon as you realized this was a three-reel slot, you may have accepted the idea that it would be free from a bonus round, and indeed free from a variety of potential special features. However, the game is still well worth playing, as you’ll see. The wild adds another element to the game, and with prizes for any three bar symbols to start things off, this could be a great game to play and enjoy.

The game is also great to play as a penny slot if you want a nice streamlined experience. Alternatively, you may decide you want to up the stakes a bit in the hope of winning more prizes. Whatever you do, Chicken Little is solidly-built and is a nice game to try if you want to have a break from the five-reel games for a while.