Arrival Slots

Far beyond the reaches of known space, the Galactic Police are on patrol, working to keep the galaxy safe.. Suddenly, the greatest threat they have ever known explodes onto the scene! Now they must fight to shield the galaxy from the wicked plans of the evil alien Zarpon. But they did not expect Zarpon's next move, a kidnapping that would divide the team and leave the galaxy defenseless! Join the space marine corps as they patrol space. When one of the officers is kidnapped by the evil alien, it's up to you to save the day. Play Arrival slots and help save the planet from impending doom.

I always like slots where the music sets the mood. The fast-paced classical music complements the game's action. The evil alien is at the helm of the space ship controls where the reels appear. His evil laugh is impressive. On the other hand, the pesky alien's demands of “hurry up,” “do something,” and “I haven't got all day,” become tiring.

Get started by placing your bet. Coin values range from 2 to 50 cents. Bet up to five coins per line, and there are 30 lines in all, so you stand a good chance at winning with most of your spins.

Prizes You Can Win

The symbols you really want to see on the reels are the male space marine corp member. He's worth up to 2,000 coins. The cute pink alien's value is 75 (2 matches) to 1,500 (5 matches).

Other symbols include the target, robots, the police badge, planets, and a space ship. These range in value from 50 to 1,000 coins.

Bonus Features in Arrival Slots

Three or more of the alien deliver free spins. During these free spins, one of the reels is completely wild. Just two minutes into my time playing Arrival slots, I won five free spins and an impressive $132.50.

From time to time, the ray gun appears on the reels. If you get it to appear at least three times any where on the reels, you get to play the “Click Me” bonus.

With three or more female space marine corps symbols, you play the Save the Girl bonus game. During this game, it is up to you to save the girl from her alien abductor.

While I never won the chance to try the “Click Me” or Save the Girl bonuses, after 30 spins I had gained just under $250, so I'm pretty happy.

Arrival slots is a lot of fun and rewarding if you're lucky enough. With three bonus features and humorous animations, you won't grow tired of this 3D slot game. It took me a bit, but the game does offer auto-play. To turn this feature on when you play Arrival slots, look for the feature at the top left of the screen.