It Came From Venus Slots

Betsoft have gone and done it again by bringing you yet another absolutely astounding video slot with a whacky original theme and as you would expect from these guys, simply stunning graphics. The theme of this slot has to be the first of its kind as a plant, that's right, a plant has come all the way from Venus and settled in on a farm way out west! The opening animation scene is a blast as the farmer watches the ball of fire fly through the night sky and crash into his barn. The plant has a huge human like mouth with leaves on its head and to be honest it seems friendly enough as it sits by the reels with the old farmer. It came from Venus is so well designed, all the way down to the very last detail. The back drop to the reels is a run down old barn and behind that, lush green fields that roll on for miles. The colour schemes used on the great slot are really well thought out and bring the game to life. The farmer is a great old character, stood there in his dungarees watching as you spin those reels. The symbols are all very cool and of course fit the theme of the game perfectly, so let's take a look into this brand new Betsoft offering!

Great Icons, Awesome Game!

The symbols on It Came From Venus are all of a farm theme, you will see the rather strange planet that came from Venus, the farmer, the scarecrow, a helicopter, a truck and a bag of food. Pay outs on the game are as usual awarded from left to right and there are a few nice features to look out for. The feed me free spins are awarded when you drop in three or more sacks of food. During the free spins round, the food sacks become a sticky wild and stays in place for multiple spins. This really is a great feature with big prizes to be won! There is also a random wild symbol which multiplies your win by either 2, 3, 5 or even 10 times your bet, so that's one well worth looking out for. A really fun addition to this game is the Double up feature. After any win you can choose whether or not you want to try and double the win. If you choose to give it a go you are taken to a second screen where the farmer throws food into the plants mouth. If the plant catches it, you win, if he misses then you lose, simple as that, but so much fun. Three or more helicopters give you the bonus round. In this round you have to save the plant! The military has found out about the plant and wants to keep it, but there is no way the farmer is going to let it go without a struggle. The soldiers have packed the plant into a box and your job is to find the right box. Should you choose correctly you take the plant back to the farm, along with a nice prize!

A Must Play Slot

Betsoft have gone all out on this one. It comes from Venus has to be one of the best games out there at the moment, it's so well designed and absolutely packed full of features that it will keep you spinning for hours on end. Spin away with a crazy plant from Venus tonight!