Top 7 Rival Gaming Slots That Draw Players In And Spins Them Rich

Online slot machine builder Rival Gaming prides itself on having an undisputed name when it comes to developing entertaining and cutting edge games that are backed by reliable and secure software programs. One very satisfying aspect is the exceptionally broad selection of games that this developer has to offer. Having a hard time to pick a favorite? Here are 7 of the best slot titles in that collection.

1. World Of Oz Slots

Who didn't grew up with the magical Wizard of Oz story? Remember how it all started it with a spinning tornado? With World of Oz Slots, it is not only the tornado that is spinning and making dreams become reality. Adults now have the opportunity to relive the tale of Dorothy and her friends. However, they will enjoy it like grownups, because they have a chance to collect large sums of money when they spin the reels of this vibrant and colorful 5 reel game. Make winning combinations with the help of 50 pay lines, collect scatter icons (green face) and try to make it to the Emerald free spins round. Also, be aware of the wicked witch during the journey, but never run away from her. She is not only wicked but also lucratively wild. Winning wild symbol combinations are generously multiplied by five.

2. Vintage Vegas Slots

Good old Vegas is the mecca of many gambling enthusiasts. Vintage Vegas Slots offers a chance to relive the notorious glory days of this illustrious place. The game is played at 50 pay lines and it has 5 reels. With a name like Vintage Vegas Slots, it is easy to understand that the theme of this slot title revolves around casinos and related visitors or attributes. Flashy and crisp are the words to further describe this captivating slot title. However, it also really distinguishes itself with its 60's and 70's retro atmosphere and typical characters from that time period. A singer, a showgirl and a mobster are just a few of those recognizable elements.

3. Reel Party Slots

It is time for some celebrations with Reel Party Slots. This colorful 5 reel game offers 15 pay lines and more than enough entertaining features to keep the party going until the early morning hours. Reel Party Slots has vibrant New Year's Eve theme that really starts to sparkle when the Champagne and Father Time symbols show up. Five times Father Time means a staggering 100 free spins bonus with a multiplier of three. Three Champagne icons launch an exploding bonus game opportunity that will start of the New Year with a lucrative blast.

4. Goldenman Slots

What is shining so bright in the air? Is it superman? Is it Iron man? No, it is Goldenman, and he is using his superpowers to create wealth for everyone. The Goldenman Slots game developers from this 5 reel slot title found inspiration in Marvel's Iron Man character. However, they changed some things to the story, and the most important one is the layer of gold that is present everywhere in the game. Think Goldeman's armor but also think golden mountains of cash winnings. This is the ultimate chance to become as rich as Tony Stark. But please do not try to fly around in a homemade suit after collecting the winnings.

5. Secret Garden Slots

Many Rival Gaming enthusiasts pick Secret Garden Slots as their favorite title. It is certainly one of the best titles in the collection from this developer. There are 5 available reels in the game and 20 pay lines connect the dots to create spectacular winnings. These winnings become really lucrative when they are generously watered with the biggest wagers and fertilized with the best symbols. Stroll through the garden and look between the bushes and the flowers to collect the largest jackpot of 5000 coins. There is also a slightly smaller jackpot of 1000 coins available. Enjoy all those cash amounts but also take some time to explore the secret garden with its flowers, birds, squirrels and other fun elements.

6. Metal Detector Slots

Metal Detector slots offers all the gambling fun that players can ever wish for. It does this by letting them spin 5 reels, and they are able to make winning connections with a total of 15 pay lines. Stroll around with the metal detector and hope that it goes bleeping and finds the 2000 coin jackpot. The smaller jackpot of 1000 coins is also going to be a nice find. The highest coin amount is $1.00, but smaller coin amounts until $0.01 cent are also available. That makes this game a good fit for players with various budgets and experience levels. Keep an eye out for the treasure maps while searching for the big winnings. Three of these maps on the reels will always trigger the free spins round, and who doesn't like such a cash enhancing bonus element?

7. Flea Market Slots

Flea Market Slots is an adorable slot title from Rival Gaming. It is not a big game. In fact, it actually a pretty small game with a classic set up of 3 reels and 1 pay line. However, don't judge this game on its size to quickly, because the level of fun in Flea Market Slots goes through the roof, and the offered winnings are no small elements either. Aim for the ultimate 10.000 coin jackpot which equals a real $50.000 cash prize behemoth. The wild symbol and the smaller but definitely not small jackpot of 4000 coins, are also lurking on the reels of the Flea Market slots machine.

Experience Mountains Of Cash And Fun During An Adventurous Gaming Session

Mountains of cash and fun await the lucky gambler who stumbles upon the entertaining slot titles of Rival Gaming. What an adventure it is, when a journey through the game selection of this software developer becomes reality. Meet the wicked witch in the land of Oz, marvel at the glitters of Las Vegas or the beautiful flowers in the secret garden, have an encounter with a golden super hero or search for treasure with a metal detector and use those treasures to get even richer at the flea market. These adventures are all very different from each other, but they all have something in common as well, because they make dreams become reality and offer a more than reasonable chance to bring back large amounts of cash to the real world.