Put Your Magnifying Glass On Crime Cases And Great Winnings With The Best Detective Themed Slot Titles

It is time to grab your magnifying glass, your hat and your favorite pipe, because you take on the role of inspector in the best detective themed slot titles. Use your best tracking skills and let all those pesky criminals know that they have to be very scared of you. Do you have what it takes to transfer them from the dark alleyways and luxurious manors to the prisons where they so obviously belong? Play the best detective themed slot titles and become the honorable inspector who is brave enough to enter the darkest spots in search for justice. Fighting dangerous criminals of course does not come without a proper reward. Spin the slot machine reels, use your brain to solve all the difficult clues, resolve the crimes and stay safe during the process. Then you will always walk away with a big bag of profits at the end of the night.

After Night Falls Slots

Always be aware of the many dangers that lurk in the dark when you play After Night Falls Slots from slot title developer Betsoft Gaming. It is night in this atmospheric 3D video slot game, and many surprises await you at the streets. These surprises can be good and bad. But you are the assistant of detective Rousseau in this 30 pay line game, so it is part of the job to accept whatever comes to you or after you. Be careful, because you are operating in a dingy and dark world that is dominated by professional robbers, stories of theft and shadowy alleyways. Your task in this game is to catch a notorious cat thief. A handsome reward awaits you when you manage to catch this crook and his criminal colleagues. Do you have what it takes to put them all behind bars? Spin the 5 reels from After Night Falls Slots and awake the detective in you.

Jack The Ripper Slots

It is late at night in the foggy city of London. The streets are misty, dirty and dark. The moon shines its eerie glow over the shabby and old Victorian style houses. You walk around and you feel shivers crawling all over your body, because you know that a cold-blooded and vicious killer is lurking in the shadows. Are you going to find this creepy murderer before he makes his next victim? Everybody is counting on you in this slot title, because you are the detective who can solve this notorious case and put the villain behind bars, so that the streets of London are safe again. It is a dangerous and bone chilling task, but it has to be done. Luckily, you will receive a generous reward if you fulfill it. Spin the 5 reels of this gloomy game and try to make use of the 25 winning lines before it is to late.

Moonlight Mystery Slots

The night is dark and stormy in Moonlight Mystery Slots from Rival Gaming. There is violence in the air, and it has had its effect on the people inside the Dunnit Manor. A brutal murder has taken place in this house, and now it is up to you and the inspector to find an answer to the who did it question, so that you guys can catch the mysterious criminal before he makes another victim. This will not be an easy task, because you have a big list of suspicious suspects. It doesn't make it easier that all these suspects have their own dark secrets. Start to spin the 5 reels of Moonlight Mystery Slots immediately, because it is time to answer some important questions in this 15 pay line game. Where is the crime scene? What is the murder method? What is the motive and, most importantly, who did it? Solve the murder case and walk away with a bag of coins as a welcome reward.

Who Spun It Slots

Who Spun It Slots is another entertaining who did it themed murder game that puts you on the important task of solving the case. In this thrilling and interactive 5 reel and 30 pay line game from software powerhouse Betsoft Gaming, the mysterious crime has taken place in the luxurious Wellington Manor. The usual questions of course arise immediately: What was the exact location of the murder? Which item was used as a weapon? Who was the person who felt the dark desire to kill, and why did he feel this desire? Will you manage to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in this 3D video slot title? It is time to resolve the intriguing case of the Wellington Manor murder. Try to find the executor of this awful crime, because you will be able to claim a very generous reward if you manage to do so.

Roam Around At Night In Search Of Violent Criminals And Generous Rewards With The Best Detective Themed Slot Titles

Start to spin the reels of the best detective themed slot titles, because the situation is getting out of control fast. From The foggy and shabby streets of 19th century London to the luxurious manors of rich people, crime is spreading everywhere. Now it is your task as a dedicated detective to stop this crime spree and catch the dodgy villains who make the lives of others miserable or even try to end them. Time is really of the essence here, because a new violent crime could take place at any moment. Play the best detective themed slot titles and use your professional tracking skills to solve the crimes, and to claim the rewards when you manage to put all those nasty murderers, thieves and robbers behind bars. Do you have the skills to fulfill this important task and walk away with lucrative rewards at the end of the night?