Become A Notorious Reel Slinger With These Top 5 Western Themed Slots

The Wild West was indeed a very wild time. It is a time that matches very well with a casino slot theme, because it represents the period of gold diggers, gamblers and poker matches, but also of prize chasing bank robbers and bounty hunters. Luckily, the present days are a lot more civilized and people have found more appropriate ways to rake in the big bucks. Gun slinging, digging for gold in deep and dark mines and participating in daring bank robberies, are a thing of the past. Now it just a simple push at the spin button that makes you instantly rich and lets you scream out hee-haw!! But please, do not shoot those guns in the air when you get all excited about a life changing prize.

5. Western Frontier Slots

Things used to get wild at the American Frontier. Those wild times are back because Western Frontier Slots is here to entertain you with its colorful design, its captivating winnings and many evocative symbols from a time when things used to be a lot tougher. Think Indian hatches, horseshoes, black stallions, pistols and covered wagons and you now that you are in for a spinning adventure at the notorious Western frontier. All the gun blazing gambling action takes place on a 5 reel slot with 15 pay lines.

4. Wild West Slots

The name of this slot title leaves little to the imagination. You are going to be dropped right in the middle of all the gambling and Western action. Get out your guns and your cowboy boots, because it is definitely going to be a wild ride. 5 reels await you when the saloon doors at this game swing open. Join and assist a cowboy during his daring gambling quest, spin slot machine reels, match the right symbols, and ride off into the sunset, once you have claimed your lucrative prize.

3. The Magnificent Seven Slots

The Magnificent 7s Slots is another title that is based on a movie. It is a story of seven mercenary gunslingers that need to protect a small village from raging bandits. As with many Western movies and games, this 5 reel slot really manages to capture the imagination with sounds of gunshots, horses and flying bullets, while 20 pay lines, free spins rounds, a wild symbol and a scatter reward manage to awake the fortune seeker in you. Do not wait any longer. Embark on a magnificent gambling adventure and make sure to keep the bandits out and the money in.

2. Gold Diggers Slots

There is arguably no better and more appropriate Western themed slot machine title than Gold Diggers Slots. This game lets you relive the notorious gold rush period on your own way. Except for this time, you will not use a shovel or pickaxe to look for profit. A spinning reel is all that you need to shove the cash into your pockets. Being able to become comfortably rich from behind your desktop sure beats having to go into dusty and dangerous mines shafts for some potential gold vein, giving you all the more reasons to embark on a personal gold rush quest for gambling profit at this 5 reel video slot game with 30 lucrative pay lines.

1. The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Slots

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly immediately brings to mind the iconic Spaghetti Western from Sergio Leone. If you are a fan of the movie, then you will be delighted to find out that it is now transformed into a 5 reel, 20 pay line video slot game and that the unforgettable theme music from the movie is included in it. Spin the reels, close your eyes, and let music and sound effects like the blowing wind, whistling trains and ricocheting pistol bullets, transform you to a time when good, bad and ugly confronted each other in every aspect of daily life. But despite the captivating imaginations that these effects evoke, you are also going to feel happy when you open your eyes and see a large cash prize popping up on the screen. Then you will certainly feel lucky that you only have to click on the withdraw button to collect it, instead of having to dig up large amounts of cash from a grave and having to engage in a shoot out to collect the money.

Start Slinging Those Reels

The Wild West period has always intrigued people. Whether it is movie makers, writers or game developers, they all made an effort to catch the real spirit of that boundary breaking time, to please and capture the imagination of Western theme enthusiasts. Therefore, as a Western slot title lover, you will be frequently treated to new games about this specific time period. In the meantime, swing open those saloon doors of the described top 5 Western themed slot titles and start slinging those lucrative reels.