2 Million BC Slots

It’s time to start banging your chest and getting back to basics as you return to a land where the height of technology was who had the biggest stick! Cavemen were kings and in the beautifully designed 2 Million Years BC online slot they are pretty good at handing out the cash too. These cave dwellers lived in fine style and they have everything they need, and more, as they are more than prepared to give plenty away with features galore and all served up in fantastic forest surroundings with vivid colors and the coolest of caveman style symbols.

Freespins that are out of This World

There’s plenty of freespins available on 2 Million Years BC but before we get to those let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to see on the reels when you load up this awesome slot. There’s some eye catching symbols, and did you know that cavemen had dogs? Well they do on this slot! There’s the caveman of course, along with the stunningly good looking cave woman, there’s a sloth, the wheel, a ruby gemstone, cave paintings, the urn, a brush and what looks like Stonehenge! One of the symbols that you are going to want to see plenty of is the fire symbol, as this will trigger the freespins feature. Three of these will see you enter freespin mode, and this bonus round may be re-triggered, doubling the fun, and the wins. You’ll also need to be prepared to fight on 2 Million Years BC as each time you see an acorn on the reels, the friendly sloth will come and collect it for you. They’ll be stored for you and when you have three the Saber Attacks feature will begin. You’ll need to be accurate as the caveman climbs to the top of the reels and throws the acorns at the tiger to try and knock him out. The better the hit, the bigger the win. The freespins start when you see three fire symbols appear, and as the caveman sleeps near the fire, the wins are sure to drop in.

The Diamond Bonus Feature

There’s also a great Diamond Bonus feature on 2 Million Years BC and this is a multiplier feature that’s combined with skill. You’ll need to grab the diamonds from the saber tooth tiger, 2 will reward you with 200 coins, 4 will bag you 500 coins and the best score of 5 will bring home 1000 coins back to the cave. 2 Million Years BC is a superb slot that’s simply packed to the rafters with fun. It provides hours of entertainment with amazing visuals and great features, so what are you waiting for, head back in time now, to the year 2 Million BC.