The Best Tycoon Themed Slot Titles

It is all about money and business when you play the best tycoon themed slot titles that online casino platforms have to offer. Lavish fortunes are there to be made, and there is no better person to make them than a business savvy tycoon. In the best tycoon themed slot titles, you have the privilege to become such a successful businessman. It is your important task to further expand the business empire, so that you become even richer. This requires some work, but since you are a seasoned business man, you know that it is sometimes necessary to draw up your sleeves and devote yourself to the rewarding task of making money. You also know that all your hard work will always pay off. Hard work means receiving big rewards, and living a luxurious lifestyle. Because of your successful business endeavors on the slot reels, you will be able to finish every working day with a glass of the most expensive champagne, while you look out over the city's skyline in your luxurious penthouse suite.

Make A Lot Of Business And Gambling Profits With Tycoons Slots

Spin the Tycoons slots reels if you believe that you belong to the elite society. You are a lucky gambler when you join the special group of elites in this 3D video slot title, because then you have access to the exclusive Billionaire’s Club. This posh club only opens its doors for the most successful and rich people on the planet. Being seen and showing off your earned luxuries, is part of the daily routine when you become a member. Always arrive in the most decadent car during a gathering, order the must ridiculously high priced bottle of champagne, and talk about your many gigantic mansions with the people that surround you. I just bought a new one is a sentence that you should repeat frequently. Finally, show of your high roller skills during a game of cards and compete against other big players. Claim your seat at the very exclusive Tycoons Slots table today, and benefit from all the luxuries and profits that this 5 reel and 30 pay line slot title from Betsoft Gaming has to offer.

Drill Up The Mother Lode With Black Gold Slots

Meet old cowboy Bill. He is a very successful oil tycoon who is always searching for new places where he can drill a hole in the ground, and he can really use your help with this important task. Find a good spot where tycoon Bill can place his precious oil rig, so that the black gold starts flowing once again. Don't worry about getting a bit dirty while you pump up that sweet black liquid out of the earth. It is totally worth it, because generous Bill offers to share the profits with you. So expect to have barrels of cash coming your way, when you decide to play the 3D Black Gold video slot title from successful casino software tycoon Betsoft Gaming. Strike those 5 reels and form those 30 winning lines, because that wonderful black gold is waiting for you in vast, vast amounts.

Play Tycoon Towers Slots And Have A Taste Of The Luxurious Life

There is nothing better than returning to your exclusive penthouse suite after a successful day of work. This posh penthouse is located at the top of the chic Tycoon Towers building. You made your fortunes today, so it is time to relax and enjoy the fruits of your work. Tycoon Towers really is the crème de la crème when it comes to luxurious living. You will be absolutely pampered with comfortable services. These services are mainly provided by a bellboy and maid, and they make sure that you get everything that your wealthy tycoon hart desires. Are you In need of a champagne service? Expect the most expensive bottle to arrive at any moment in this lavish 5 reel and 50 pay line video slot title from Rival Gaming.

Work Hard, Play Hard And Win Hard With The Best Tycoon Themed Slot Titles

Are you in the business of making vast amounts of money? Then the best tycoon themed slot titles are perfect business opportunities for you. They provide you with all kind of lucrative and interesting opportunities, so that you can make even more cash than you already have. For example, you can choose to team up with other tycoons to drill liters of precious oil out of the ground, or you can become a member of the very chic Billionaire’s Club, where you can network or play high rolling card games with other successful businessman and woman. At the end of the day, you are most likely a lot richer than when you woke up in the morning. That means that is it time to retreat to your lavish penthouse with a very satisfied feeling.