Once Upon A Time Slots

Once Upon a Time is a dazzling and graphic display of a summer wonderland, which is what you’ve come to expect from industry giant BetSoft. This 5 reel, 30 payline 3D slot boasts a sizzling $12,500 jackpot even though it isn’t a Progressive Slot. Styled in medieval fashion with damsels in distress, princes, paupers and knights a-plenty, Once Upon a Time Slots wows with both the gameplay and Pixar-quality graphics.

Once Upon a Time Slots Game Details

There are ancient trebuchet weapons with giant stones, greedy green goblins and dragons in your way as you forge ahead to save the golden-haired princess in this land of enchantment. Although Once Upon a Time lacks a Wild symbol, Multiplier and Scatter, this brightly-lit 3D Slot has plenty of Free spins available to drastically increase your chances of winning. Your avatar, the valiant knight, seeks an Excalibur-like sword on the reels to aid him in his quest in this engrossing story. You win with the traditional left-to-right symbols compilation on the reels and, even better, when the knight and princess show up, you collect an immediate win – with just two symbols! What other slot do you know that pays out with just two symbols? Exactly. Once Upon a Time is one-of-a-kind in more ways than one.

Once Upon a Time Slots Special Symbols

As for the other details of this awesome 3D Slot, the other symbols consist of a stump of a tree house with a wooden door, a sack of gold coins, a green goblin with attendant goblet, the mighty enchanted sword itself, a court fool blowing on a horn, a battle axe embedded in what’s left of a tree and more. The dragon symbol isn’t the Wild, but it does have special powers – it can start the so-called “Wild Reel” if you land it on the first position of the third reel. Play the game to figure it out.

Additionally, as if the automatic win combination of the knight and princess wasn’t enough, you can get it more than one time on a single spin – ratcheting up the value of the Free Spins feature of Once Upon a Time Slots. The tree-house symbol mentioned up above can actually trigger the Free Spins mode, and trigger even more if you land on yet another tree house symbol while using a Free Spin you received in an earlier round. As for the bonus Round, get three knights in shining armor on the reels and she’s all yours. Once Upon a Time Slots is as much of an adventure as it is a game, and it’s brought you by BetSoft.