3 Types of Slots Available at Bovada casino

When you first start playing slot games, you may not realize just how many variations there are out there. However, with a little experience, and some time on a site like Bovada , it becomes easier to gain access to all the different options.

Here we focus on three of these, so you can see just a glimpse of what you can enjoy.

3D slots

These are arguably among the most popular slot games available today. The games are designed in 3D, giving you a far better gaming experience and a more immersive one as well.

The first one was released a while back now, but it wasn’t long before others were released, taking in a variety of themes and ideas. The 3D slot game tends to include a lot of characters, and some even have in-depth stories for you to enjoy during the process.

Progressive slots

The progressive nature of these games relates to the jackpots associated with them. Some games only have one progressive jackpot, but others can have as many as four. Others have two – a minor and a major one. As you can imagine, each one goes up in value. The biggest jackpots can be in the region of millions of dollars.

Very often though, you have to play with the maximum bet each time to be in with a shot of winning the progressive jackpot. Keep this in mind if you want to play, and you want a chance of winning the biggest prize.

Three-reel slots

These are the classic slot games – the ones that look most like those provided in the original casinos. These have three reels and one payline – sometimes a few more but one is quite common – and you will also see the familiar cherries and bar symbols in quite a few of them.

The themes can be more diverse though. Among the games you’ll find at Bovada are Eggstrava-Ganza, Pistols & Roses, and Diamond Dazzle.

Why not check out the full range of slots at Bovada now?

When you realize just how many great versions of slot games there are, it’s easy to see why so many online slot players choose Bovada . If you’ve yet to see how many different versions of a simple slot game there can be, Bovada is the best place to find out. Any one of the games could be a real – or should that be reel – winner for you!