Top 10 Sports Themed Slot Machines

Are you ready to compete for lucrative cash prizes in the top 10 sports themed slot machines from online gambling platforms? Set foot in the sports stadiums, and make the gathered crowds go wild when you show the best sports and betting skills to your fans and your competitors. Always make sure that you train a lot before the games though, because the stakes are huge in the highest ranks of the competitions. You have the unique opportunity to become very rich from your various sports and gambling endeavors. Be prepared to become a honored sports and gambling legend in multiple challenging sports disciplines. Soon you will start to fill your cabinet with precious golden trophies, and your pockets with vast amounts of money.

10. Global Cup Soccer Slots

Global Cup Soccer Slots
Soccer is one of the most popular sports games in the world, and it is now delivered to you in the form of an entertaining, one pay line slot title. That means that you can now enjoy this type of sport every day, and that, from now on, you do not have to wait anymore until the next tournament kicks off. When you spin the three reels of Global Cup Soccer Slots, you can support your favorite team and you can do it on every single day of the year. Are you going to be the one who scores the winning goal in the last minute of the game, and will you bring home the golden cup? Toss the coin, spin the reels and score those matching symbol to make it happen in this classic slot title from Rival Gaming.

9. The Back Nine Slots

The Back Nine Slots
Stuff all your favorite golf clubs and golf balls in your bag, because you are about to hit the slot machine greens with The Back Nine Slots from developer Rival Gaming. Drive your personal golf buggy to the first hole, place your tee, aim for your shot, and spin that amazing hole in one on the slot machine reels. Follow all the holes on the luxurious golf course and also follow the pay lines on the reels, because you are definitely not going home empty handed when you make those perfect shots and spins. The beautiful Back Nine Slots slot reel golf course consists of 5 entertaining reels and 15 beneficial pay lines.

8. Hole in Won Slots

Hole in Won Slots
Hole in Won Slots is another excellent golf themed slot title from the Rival Gaming developers. In this i-Slot™ title, you are the lucky golfer who is chosen to show some real skills in the very prestigious National Mini-Golf Championships. You know that the most skilled professionals always take home the best rewards. Make sure that you practice a lot first, so that you can show everyone that you are a real pro when it comes to golfing. You might even be able to make a hole in one spin, when you immediately manage to hit the right combination of symbols on the 5 available slot reels from this 15 pay line game.

7. Surf Paradise Slots

Surf Paradise Slots
Travel from the lush greens of the golf course to the flushing waves of the sea shores, because now it time to surf dude. The weather conditions are particularly gnarly in Surf Paradise Slots, and that means that is the perfect time to wax your favorite surfboard, so that you are ready to take on some of the most challenging waves. Will you be able to ride those waves like a true pro? It is very important that you do so, because then you will not only see waves of water coming your way, but also huge waves of cash. Now it is your turn to surf on three classic reels and waves of money in this one pay line Surf Paradise Slots title from Rival Gaming.

6. Heavyweight Gold Slots

Heavyweight Gold Slots
Heavyweight Gold Slots puts you in the position of an ambitious heavyweight boxer who really wants to make it big. Are you ready to take his boxing skills to a higher level in this competitive 20 pay line game? In order for you to do that, you need to make sure that you hit the gym as often as possible, so that you get a proper amount of training before you step into the rings. Then, when the time is finally right, you will enter the ring, and you will fight fiercely for the prestigious heavyweight title. You will of course also fight for prize money, so put on your boxing gloves, spin the 5 reels and put those fists to work in Heavyweight Gold Slots from Rival Gaming.

5. Pigskin Payout Slots

Pigskin Payout Slots
Are you ready to throw that good old pigskin and score a lot of lucrative cash prizes with Pigskin Payout Slots from sporty software developer Rival Gaming? Luckily, there is no need to wait for the new football season to kick off, because the game is always ready for you when you open it in your online casino of choice. Score some amazing touchdowns, and party with the team when the game is over and the prize is within your hands. Grab your helmet and get ready to spin those 5 reels to the 20 pay lines, because a Pigskin Payout Slots winning is not something that you want to miss out on.

4. Fast Lane Slots

Fast Lane Slots
Shift into the highest gear, get those slot reel pistons pumping and feed that unstoppable need for speed. It is time to really turn op the speed and follow the road to wealth with Rival Gaming's Fast Lane Slots. This spectacular 5 reel and 50 pay line slot title really puts the pedal to the metal if you are racing and slot game enthusiast. It shows you typical racing themed symbols like helmets, tires and trophies, and it puts you in the fast lane for great profits. Make sure that you be the first driver who crosses the finish line, because then you will take away the title, the gold and the honor as a reward.

3. Aussie Rules Slots

Aussie Rules Slots
Aussie Rules football is a little different from ordinary football. In this joyful 5 reel and 16 pay line game, you have to aim very carefully and kick the ball precisely towards the goal posts. Make sure that you line the ball up correctly, so that it always ends up at exactly the right place. You get to score goals this way. But, more importantly, you will also score some amazing cash prizes, if you manage to successfully line up the slot reel symbols as well. Enter the stadium and become the hero of the fans. They love to cheer at you while they see you raking in those cash prizes with your winning spins and kicks. Aussie Rules Slots is another excellent sport themed slot from the ambitious Rival Gaming team.

2. Derby Dollars Slots

Derby Dollars Slots
Spend a more than perfect day at the derby racetracks with Derby Dollars Slots from the Real Time Gaming (RTG) casino software development team. You will feel excited when those horses gallop across the track, because one of them is your potentially price winning pick. Can your chosen horse make it to the finish line while leaving all the others far behind? There is only one way to find out, and that is to take the bet, spin the reels, wait for the start shot, and place your faith in the jockey and its horse for the reminder of the race. The racetrack consists of 5 challenging reels and it leads you along 20 pay lines.

1. Hydro Heat Slots

Hydro Heat Slots
Let Hydro Heat Slots from Real Time Gaming take you from an exciting race on land to a thrilling race on the water. The level of excitement rises when you jump aboard a speedboat for the race of your life in this 5 reel and 243 pay line game. Be aware though, because this race is not for the fainthearted. Feel the wind in your hair and hear the waves crashing, when you race towards the finish line and to big cash winnings. The engine roars and the crowd cheers when you turn up the speed to claim the lead. You are absolutely unstoppable, and you are quickly about to become very rich as well.

Score Casino Cash Trophies With The Top 10 Sports Themed Slot Machines

Are you a slot machine game enthusiast who is an avid collector of honorable sports and gambling trophies? Then you will certainly love the generous rewards that are being handed out when you become the hero in the top 10 sports themed slot machines. Not only will these games make you very rich, but they will also earn you a lot of honor and respect among competitors and fans. The best sports themed slot titles on online casino platforms let you compete in various popular disciplines. You can show your best racing, football, derby, soccer, boxing, golfing and surfing skills, so there is always a sports discipline in which you can excel.