The Curious Machine slots

It seems like this age of casino gaming is all about upping the ante with 3D slots that get more fantastic with each generation. BetSoft truly outdoes itself with The Curious Machine slots; incorporating a sizzling, movie-themed scifi adventure into high-stakes slots. Experience the travels – and indeed, travails – of time-traveling journeyman Miles Bellhouse in his Curious Machine. You'll be whisked along with him through the time-stream, past and present, aided by a magnificent robot of his own creation, chased by a war-mongering general Traytor – appropriately named – who wishes to possess the Curious Machine for all the wonders it could performed if used to enhance the art of war. As for game-play, along the way you'll be privy to great prizes and the extra-special features BetSoft implemented to help you win often. Download now this temporal 3D slot with the uncharacteristically high payout numbers, enhanced by numerous casino bonuses when you open an account!

Timely Details

The Curious Machine is a 30 payline 3D video slot with the usual 5 reels. The eye-opening $1250 jackpot is available to all players, regardless of whether they bet the minimum 2 cents or the maximum $75 per payline. This game is known for a riveting payout percentage, because it has Scatters, Wild, Second Chance symbols, Free Spins, Double feature, and numerous multipliers to stack the games in the players' favor. All these chances to win are set against top-notch background graphics and excellent music, as you make your way across the seas of time on an adventure worthy of the movies.

Features of Time with the Curious Machine

In addition to all the standard attributes you've come to expect of a 3D slot by gaming giant BetSoft, The Curious Machine video slot keeps you in the game with extras such as the Vortex character symbol, which functions as a wild to increase your chances against the house. If you luck out with the Vortex wild at the conclusion of a winning combo, then it acts as the cherry on top of the cake, enhancing your winnings; on an otherwise losing hand, it will provide yet another chance to win by performing a vortex – hence the name – spin on the characters, which just may come up with winners after the twirling dance has stopped.

As you would expect of such a rich adventure, the Scatter symbol is present; you'll know you've hit upon it when a room opens and Miles Bellhouse and robot companion are whisked away to a second in-game screen, where a great escape via time-traversing vehicle ensues, with General Traytor hot on your heels. The trick here is to escape successfully; every time you do so, your bank account will reflect that success!

The Curious Machine slots truly has it all, with its Second Chance option that takes the form of a dinosaur symbol appearing on the reels. In some ancient land, this reel rewind will pop up across the reels and grant you free spins with a multiplier. It's all topped off with a 50-50 flip-of-the-coin type guessing game where you choose whichever hand your trusty robot (trusty half the time, anyway!) holds the lucky coin. Doing so correctly multiplies your winnings by a factor of two. When you add all these fantastic attributes to the Curious Machine slot's already sky-high payout percentage – courtesy of the frequent appearances of the reel rewind Second Chance, there are few reasons why you haven't yet given it a spin. Download now for a night of time-traveling fun.