Zombiezee Money from Rival

Zombies and money don't really go together do they? I mean, I can't recall a zombie using cash in any of the movies I've seen, don't they just steal things? Well, that's for another debate and Rival Gaming seem to think that the two make a perfect match and I'm starting to agree. Zombiezee Money is a brand new slot from one of the worlds best slots development companies and what a wonderfully scary slot it is. This is 20 pay lines of zombie dodging fun with some seriously gory graphics and a spooked out soundtrack. The aim of the game is to survive in a town that has been infected by a terrible zombie virus. You form part of a group of brave survivors that take on the blood thirsty zombies on every corner, there's a guy with a flame thrower, a woman who's there to whack the zombies with her lead pipe and one man has even found a chainsaw from somewhere! The zombies include plenty of guys, a little girl, a super scary nurse and even a zombie dog! Although Zombiezee Money has some great and blood curdling graphics it's also very funny and some of the characters on the reels do bring a bit of a smile to your face. As you search the town for anything that will help you survive you'll come across some very helpful bonus rounds and weapons to take on and take out the ever increasing zombie gang.

Frighteningly Fun Features

So now you know what you have to do and the ball is in your court, take everything you can get your hands on to kill the zombies and help keep the survivors alive. There are 2 superb bonus rounds in Zombiezee Money and both keep you going on the right track. First up you need to drop in 3 or more brain symbols to activate the Boneyard Bonus where you get to smash up a few of those zombies. Choose your weapon and whack them in the head to earn prizes and keep that zombie gang at bay. Watch as they splatter, increasing your balance and giving you and the survivors a better chance of living! Next in your quest you get to play the Vault bonus. Spin the reels and discover 3 vault door symbols and you have unlocked the vault that holds some very nice prizes. You are six feet under the ground and, for a while, safe from the flesh eating zombies that crawl the streets. Grab as many supplies as you can to help you on your way and keep your strength up...you're gonna need it! Zombiezee Money is a fantastic online video slot and although it has a gruesome theme it is so comical in places with some great characters on both sides of the battle. It's brand new and will be available at Desert Nights Casino this week where you can pick up a monster sized welcome bonus to help you on your quest. Here's to Rival Gaming for providing yet another awesome online video slot, long may the fun continue.