Experiment With Wacky Ways To Become Rich While Playing The Best Crazy Scientist Themed Slot Titles

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Turn Objects And Spins Into Gold With Mad Scientist Slots

It is being said that the most gifted people are often also the craziest ones. Dr. Walter Prescott definitely proves this theory in Mad Scientist Slots from Betsoft Gaming. He has been hiding in his lab for many years now, and that has resulted in him finally uncovering the most sought after formula in the world. That amazing formula finally explains how objects can be turned into pure gold. Prescott now holds the precious object transforming serum in his hands, and he is more than ready to try it. Will his experiment be successful, and will it make him the most famous and wealthy scientist in the world? Spin the 5 reels of this 3D, 30 pay line video slot title, join the wacky scientist during his experiment, and see if you guys can really create that golden moment in science history.

Return To The Lab In Madder Scientist Slots

It is time to get crazy again while playing Madder Scientist Slots , because your favorite wacky scientist has just returned from a short trip to the loony bin. All efforts and hopes aside, it will probably come as no surprise that he is madder than ever. However, he is now also more dedicated and ambitious than ever. His ambitions and efforts are channeled on making the Turn-o-Gold serum work. Pay attention to the new experiments of Dr. Prescott. He might be as mad as a hatter, but he could still really be on to something. Will he make you unimaginably rich with his experiment, or will he completely lose his mind during the process? It is time to find out if luck is on your side. Spin the 5 reels of this very absurd and entertaining 30 pay line game from online slot machine science lab Betsoft Gaming, and find out if you can really transform your future into solid gold.

Create An Insane Desire For Winnings When You Play The Best Crazy Scientist Themed Slot Titles

It is time to get a little bit wacky while playing the best crazy scientist themed slot titles in your preferred online casino lab. Get your favorite crazy science tools ready, because you are going to make a big effort to create insane casino winnings when you spin the reels of these joyful slot machine titles.