What Are The Odds Of Winning On A Slot Machine?

The odds of winning a slot machine vary from game to game. There are some tips that can help increase the chances of choosing a machine that tends to reward players more than others. For the most part, you'll find you'll do better if you keep your bets low and just hope you're in the right place at the right time.

Video slots are randomized by intricate computer programs. You can't study a pattern and know when the machine will trigger the jackpot. If that was possible, everyone would be using the method and winning often. You also aren't being watched by a person in a control room in a land-based casino who picks and chooses who wins. You can pay wisely in hopes of winning big.

Don't Go for Games With the Largest Jackpots

The higher the jackpot, the harder the game can be to win. If you have a game with a $1 million jackpot and a game with a $10,000 jackpot, more winners are going to get that $10,000. You may not win as much, but you have a higher chance of winning.

You may also find you win more often on slot machines that don't have the highest payouts. You may not have a fancy bonus game to play, but free spins can be just as, if not more so, rewarding.

Read and Follow the Rules

When you play a progressive jackpot game, pay attention to the rules. If there are rules in place that require you to bet the maximum number of credits or set the coin value to X or higher, you won't win if you don't follow the rules.

Try to Find the Payout Percentage

The payout percentage is the percentage of player bets that are returned as winnings over a period of time. That time period isn't each hour or day, it can be weeks or months. Say the game has taken in $100,000 over a two-month span and the payout percentage is 97 percent, it means that players have earned prizes of $97,000 in that time frame and the casino have kept $3,000 in profits.

Games have different payout percentages. Not every casino makes the information easy to find. You may need to contact customer support and see if they can help you.

When you pick a game that pays out a high percentage of the money the casino takes in, it can be more rewarding. It's a good place to start your search for the slots with the best odds.

Look at the Casino's Winners List

Most casinos post a list of recent winners. It might be a ticker that scrolls along the bottom of the screen or a list on another page. Check that list.

For example, if you visit the online Lincoln Casino , they scroll a list along the bottom. In the last few days of July 2018, two players won $1,260, $3,112, and $3,360 playing Turkey Time Slots . Ultimate 10X Wild slots saw players take home payouts of $1,500, $2,361, and $3,316. Cash Caboose Slots , Cash Cow Slots and Hot Roller Slots also paid out thousands to several winners.

Head to your favorite casinos or one of our recommendations. Put these tips to good use and see what happens.