What Is The Best Game To Play At The Casino To Win Money?

You head to a casino to win cash. Three games are considered the best games to play at a casino to win money. To find the games that are best, you're looking for games with a low house edge. Meaning, the percentage that the house has over you when it comes to winning. As for the very best casino game to play and win, Blackjack is the winner.

Why is Blackjack Best?

Blackjack is a game of luck. It all comes down to who gets closet to 21 without going over. A card's value is based on the number showing on the front of the card. For the Jack, Queen, and King, the value is always 10. For an Ace, the value can be 1 or 11, depending on what you choose.

In a deck of cards, there are 4 aces, 12 face cards, and 4 tens, so the odds of getting a 21 aren't bad. Essentially, with 16 cards valued at 10, that's 16 opportunities for someone to get a Blackjack with each deck.

In many casino Blackjack games, the dealer has to stand on 17. If the dealer has 17, you need an 18, 19, 20, or 21 in order to win. That also raises your odds of winning.

You can also split hands and double down on them if you think you could win. This increases the odds of winning. You can also play more than one hand, so you can win big when you have three winning hands against the dealer's one hand.

The house edge on Blackjack is usually around 0.5 percent. That makes it the best game to choose when you want to play casino games and win money.

What Are the Others?

Craps has a house edge of about 0.8 percent. To win at Craps though, you need to aim for the less profitable bets. If you get a huge payout, great, but by playing conservatively, you're likely to win back your bets and a little extra.

The best bets in Craps are the ones where you bet on the Pass Bet. With this bet, a 7 or 11 leads to a win. You lose with a 2, 3, or 12. All other rolls are ties.

Roulette is another good choice if you stick to the black or red bets. You will win more if you bet on a specific number and win. You're more likely to win if you stick to bets on red or black numbers.

Give It a Try

Head to a land-based casino or play online at a casino and try those three games out. You'll find yourself winning often when you stick to these games with a low house edge. Get started winning cash at an online casino now. Sign up and claim your free bonus cash at our favorite online casinos.