Low Volatility Slots

Playing slot games for the first time can be a daunting, if exciting, experience. We would always recommend you try some freeplay slots first if you are new. This will give you the chance to play some games to find out how they work. You can do so without needing to place any bets with real money. It also means you can work out whether a game is suited to whatever budget you might end up playing with.

Introducing volatility in slot games

Another element you will notice when you are first introduced to the world of slot games is volatility. You might know what volatile means, but it is important to recognize its meaning in relation to slot games too. The more volatile a game is, the more likely it is it will pay larger prizes less often. That means you could end up playing for ages without winning anything. When you do win, it is more likely to be a big prize.

Conversely, a low volatility game is the opposite. You could expect to play this game and trigger lots of little prizes more often. There is still a chance to secure bigger wins, but smaller prizes happening frequently is the order of the day.

Why should you play low volatility slots when you’re starting out?

These are the best slots to play if you want to try a game with real bets for a short time. If you intend to play for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, just to try a game out, you want to get the best chance of winning something in that time. A low volatility slot is going to give you that chance. Plenty of smaller prizes coming along more frequently is how low volatility slots can be identified.

As you become more familiar with various slot games and how they work, you can see whether you would like to change things up a bit. If you decide you can afford a bigger budget and you like playing for longer periods, then you can consider whether to switch things up and try a high volatility game. Just be aware of how they work and the fact you could go for long periods with no wins.

For newbies, though, the low volatility slots are always the best ones to try. Do you agree with our assessment?