Cash Cow Slots

With 50 pay lines, it's pretty easy to win on Cash Cow slots. Add in the six bonus features, and you'll find it's even easier. To play, decide if you want to bet one, two, or three coins per line and how much you want that coin to be worth. Coin values range from a penny to $5 in this farm-themed slot game.

Prizes in the Normal Game

The bottom of the paytable has poker symbols carved into wooden signs. If you have a winning combination, you get to watch the animations of the carving. Payouts for these poker symbols start at 5 to 40 coins for the 10 and keep rising to the 15 to 200 coin prize for the A.

Four characters form the remaining regular symbols. There's the farmer, who is worth the most at up to 1,000 in the regular game. His daughter, Daisy, comes with a prize of as much as 500 coins. Finally, her boyfriend pays up to 350 coins. The scarecrow wild is worth the most at up to 2,000 coins if it appears five times on an active pay line.

There are five special symbols. There's the Cash Cow symbol, Harvest Moon scatter, the Kooky Chicken, the Milk Jug, and piglets. More on those in a bit.

Six Bonus Features Are Waiting

Several bonuses await lucky players. Start with Cash Cow. When Cash Cow appears at least twice, you win a percentage of or the full Cash Cow prize pot. If Cash Cow appears twice, you win 1 percent of the pot. Three Cash Cows gives you 10 percent of the pot. Get four Cash Cows and take home the entire pot.

Win 10 free spins with larger prizes. In free spins, some of the symbols go away. You have the K and A that pay up to 200 and 400 coins. The farmer, Daisy, and her boyfriend double in value. Even the wild scarecrow is doubled with a massive 4,000 coin prize. You never know when the computer will trigger the free spins bonus. It's all random.

Harvest Moon scatters pay up to 1,000 times your wager. If you get it eight times, you win that impressive prize. If it appears seven times, win 100x. Work your way down from there. Six times pays 50x, five times pays 10x, four times pays 5x, and three times pays 1x.

If you find the piglets in a basket on your reels, they're a wild. If they fill the entire second reel, you win a new spin. During this spin, the wild reel remains stationary.

You may spy milk jugs from time to time. Cross your fingers for three of them. If that happens, you play the Pick 'em Bonus. In this game, you pick 1 of 10 milk jugs. Win a cash prize. You can keep it or trade it and hope for a better prize. You get four chances to win as much as 2,000 coins.

Look for Kooky Chicken on the third reel. If he appears, you win an instant cash prize. The value of this prize varies, but it can be as much as 600 coins.

How much will you win? Whether you're raking in cash on a selection of the bonus features or winning big in the normal game, this is a profitable slot. Play Cash Cow today.