What Is A Penny Slot Machine?

The term “penny slot machine” or “penny-in-the-slot machine” has come to mean a few things. Originally, a penny slot was a machine that only took pennies. You put in a penny, pulled the lever, and waited to see if you won.

As technology changed, the definition of a penny slot also changed. Today, people refer to penny slots as slot games where the coin value can be set to a penny. You can bet on one line or on all of them and pay only a penny per line.

You Don't Have to Spend Much to Play

When you play a penny slot machine online, you set the coin value to a penny. From there, you may need to pick how many lines to activate. Some automatically make you play all the lines. Your spin may end up costing 15 cents (15 pay lines), 25 cents (25 pay lines), or 50 cents (50 pay lines). On a 243-ways-to-win slot game like Immortal Romance Slots , your penny coin value costs you a minimal $3 per spin.

You can win progressive jackpots on penny slots. A Night With Cleo Slots is a progressive jackpot game with 20 pay lines. You have to play all 20 lines, but it costs just 20 cents to do so.

Tips for Playing Penny Slots

Don't expect you'll always win a prize. You'll win some, and you'll lose some. With penny slots, you know that you'll spend less on the losses. Here's are the results of 10 spins on Goblin's Gold slots with the coin value set at a penny and three credits wagered, which is 3 cents per spin. I did very well with this game.

  • Spin 1 – 4 cents
  • Spin 2 – Loss
  • Spin 3 – 12 cents
  • Spin 4 – Loss
  • Spin 5 – Loss
  • Spin 6 – 10 cents
  • Spin 7 – $1.60
  • Spin 8 – Loss
  • Spin 9 – Bonus game win $1.80
  • Spin 10 – Loss

Penny slots are a great way to play slots without risking much cash. Find them at online casinos. Sign up now and start spinning the reels.