Net Entertainment Slots

One look at the casino brands that are backed by Net Entertainment’s software genius, tells you you’re in whole new class of online gaming prowess. High-quality gameplay, unsurpassed graphics and a formidable library of games – with no clunkers, by general consensus – characterizes their software suite. They are one of the premier providers of the download now option, as well as of the top-notch Flash-enabled games that can be played directly through your browser.

Also known for strict computer rules that can’t be tampered with and return relatively high-payout amounts to eager gamers, you can see why people keep coming back to Net entertainment products again and again. Acting as a vendor for top casino software is just a part of what Net Entertainment is all about, however.

Casino Management for the Ages

Net Entertainment is a bit of a polymath as far as most casinos goes; they’re not just involved in gaming. They have a highly-regarded casino management system in place that can erect a casino for a prospective client within mere weeks after an order is made. It is essentially an outsource company; because they’re so good at what they do, casino start-ups can leave the technical details to them and focus on the specific business of promoting their coming website by generating interest. They will integrate a library of casino games into your existing system for you, while tailoring it to the precise vision you have.

Net Entertainment’s Formidable Developer Side

Whatever the most popular current browser-based rendering programs are, Net entertainment has a game developed using its code; you name it, they’ve done it. JavaScript Flash and others are prominent fixtures in Instant Play as well as download now games, and Net Entertainment has over a decade of experience in rendering the best games that operate on these platforms. As an online casino for real money, Net Entertainment products are well appreciated by US players, who can choose their Instant Play options for practice, and then download now the casino software to try their hands at some cash slots.

As their penchant for innovation continues to dominate the online casino gaming industry – which rakes in literally billions of dollars per year – Net Entertainment rides the very forefront of the waves of change, as they shift to promising new ventures like that brought about by the explosion of mobile devices. Gaming and apps is now bigger business than ever before; and it’s only growing as the year comes to a close. They’re developing better games to render on consumers’ smartphones and tablets as time rolls on, ensuring them and their clients have got a strong foot wedged in the doors of tomorrow.

Net Entertainment has a library full of slots, video pokers, and lottery games, table games like Baccarat and Poker, and mini-games. New software that promises to improve with each successive generation is always in the works, adding to their impressive list of some of your favorite games as a video slots casino:

  • Starburst – a 5 reel descent into a beautiful world of exploding colors, this slot gives you re-spins for free, a heart-racing pace of game play and some of the best stuff Net Entertainment has to offer.
  • Hall of Gods – steeped in Asgardian mythology, this progressive slot is a 5 reel, 20 payline descent (or ascent?) into Nordic religion. There are symbols of the all-Father Odin, Thor’s hammer and the god of thunder himself, and much more from Viking lore.
  • Mega Fortune – huge jackpots are available with this progressive slot, and when all the players join in, the lucky winner might be able to walk away with the casino house, itself. Featuring scenes of riches galore, the symbols are limos, expensive wine, and more riches.
  • Evolution – another Net entertainment favorite, Evolution Slots is a 5 reel, 25 payline standard with Wilds, Free Spins and Scatters. Riveting creature creations grace the screen, as you get to see imaginative depictions of strange biology as you aim for the $2,500 jackpot.
  • Frankenstein – probably the most famous monster in the western world, this slot lets you act like a modern-day Dr. Moreau in trying to build your very own Frankenstein monster. A 5 reel, 20 payline slot with a unique burning Mill free spin bonus that you’ll just have to play to find out the secret.
  • Scarface – any fan of gangster movies knows all about Al Pacino’s breakout role in the cult classic movie. Get even closer to the fray with this gritty slot of Stacked Wilds, Free spins and a Bonus game that’ll knock your socks off.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – by some accounts, the greatest children’s story ever told makes its way to the Net Entertainment slot game forge, only to emerge as a fantastic video slot rendition of the uber-myth. It’s an intense and involved slot game with Free Spins and other options.

There’s much, much more. With a spate of online casinos in US, they’re also attractive to American players. There’s a reason why they are one of the biggest online casino gaming centers on earth; their high payout strategy mentioned above, coupled with the sheer variety of games they offer, makes gamers keep on coming back to serve as the engine that drives their continued growth and success.