Turkey Time Slots

Are you ready to gobble up generous prizes? Play Turkey Time slots and see what rewards await you. This Thanksgiving-themed three-reel slot adds a Thanksgiving bonus game where turkeys reward you with a bounty of cash. Learn more about Turkey Time slots here.

How Betting Works

To set your wager in Turkey Time slots, start by setting the coin value. The range is a penny to $10. Once you've decided that, choose one, two, or three credits. A three credit wager is optimal as you'll qualify for the larger prizes. After that, you choose auto-play or click “spin reels” and get started.

Potential Winnings

In Turkey Time slots, the pilgrim's hat is the wild. It doubles or quadruples prizes when it helps form a winning combination. It's also worth the most at 800 for a single coin bet, 1,600 for a double coin bet, or 2,400 on a three coin bet.

Remaining prizes and symbols include pieces of pumpkin pie worth as much as 20 coins, bars worth 10 to 80 coins, and foliage worth 80 to 160. Don't forget that the more you wager, the better the prizes.

Turkey Time Bonus Game

The Turkey Time bonus symbol appears on the third reel. If the reels stop and that turkey is on the pay line, you'll play the bonus game. In the bonus game, nine turkeys appear on the screen. Choose one to have for Thanksgiving dinner. You'll get a cash prize that you can then keep or trade. Keep going until you run out of trades (you get four in all) or decide the prize is big enough to keep.

Turkey Time slots does well mixing the fun of a bonus video slot and the ease of a classic slot game. Look for this slot at your favorite casino and get ready to win ample amounts of cash.