Why Are There No Windows In A Casino?

Have you ever wondered by casinos don't have windows? People have many theories. Some feel it's to trick players into thinking it is still daylight outside, even though they've been inside for hours. There's a very simple answer.

Windows Can Cause Glare on Computer Screens

If you take your laptop or tablet outside into the full sun, what happens? Odds are high that you can't see the screen very well. That's the leading reason why casinos do not have windows. Video slot games, video poker, and some video table games all have computer screens. These screens can be hard to see in direct sunlight. That glare isn't appealing and could keep players from any machines in the area where the sunlight hits.

Some Casinos Do Have Windows

The notion that casinos don't have windows isn't even correct. While some avoid windows to prevent glare, others have worked hard with architects to come up with ways to incorporate windows into their designs. At Rivers Casino outside of Chicago, LED lighting, skylights, and windows placed high up the wall near the ceiling help add natural lighting.

At Wynn Casino, the high roller area was designed to have a different feel after studies found that women are more likely to frequent the high roller rooms. Doing away with the wooden, men's club feel of the past, the high roller area has floor-to-ceiling windows. Lush green plants add to the more natural design.

Casinos are changing. Newer LEED designs are helping casinos be more energy efficient and cut electricity costs by incorporating natural lighting. Older casinos may still rely on artificial light to keep away glare, but head a newer casino and you may find yourself surprised by the gorgeous designs.