What Is A Flat Top Machine At A Casino?

You've heard the term static slot, flat top machine, and straight slots, but you have no idea what they are. Flat top machines are straight or static slots. We'll cover everything you need to know about this type of slot.

Flat Top Machines Explained

It's pretty easy to understand what a flat top machine is. It's typically three reels. There's only one pay line. There is one set paytable. There are no bonus features. There is not a progressive jackpot. It's a fuss-free slot machine that usually doesn't allow you to risk too much money, even on a maximum bet.

Examples of Flat Top Slot Machines

Crazy Cherry Slots is an example of a static slot. You can bet up to five credits on the one line. The most you'll ever win is 5,000 coins. There's no bonus feature, no progressive jackpot, and just the one line.

Royal Caribbean slots is another example. Bet up to three credits on the one pay line. The most you'll win is 1,600 coins. There is no progressive jackpot or bonus feature.

It All Comes Down to One Line

Just remember that a flat top machine at a casino is always your classic straight, one pay line, slot game. They're not packed with bonus features or progressive jackpots that keep growing. There's one paytable, and it never changes.

Look for flat top machines in online casinos under the classic slots or three-reel slot options. These machines tend to have a low house edge, which makes them easier to win. Visit our recommended casinos and win cash playing real money online slots.