Let The Winnings Crawl Over Your Screen With The Best Insect Themed Slot Titles

Are you not afraid of strange insects and big winnings? Then it is time to meet some creepy crawlers in the best insect themed slot titles that software developers and online casinos have to offer. These unique games will really make you itchy to start spinning those slot reels. Let all the bugs crawl onto your screen and into your pockets, because they bring with them a lot of money. The bugs are everywhere so it is easy to catch up with them. Rummage around at the flea market, drink a pint in Pub Crawlers, and follow the travel bug around the world to collect your winnings and to enjoy your fair share of the wealthy bug's life.

Spin And Rummage Through Valuable Goods At Flea Market Slots

Flea Market Slots is the place to be for price hunters and prize collectors. In this classic slot title from Rival Gaming, you will pay a visit to the flea market with father flea and baby flea. They are looking to have some great bargains, but this market is not only a place where you go to save some money. It also lets you win a lot of coins, if you know where to find them on the market. Let those winnings crawl up your pockets when you forage through piles of valuables products. Some of these valuable items are diamond rings, colored lollipops and antique furniture. Take your time to spin through all these goods, and collect your winnings at a convenient pace in this three reel and 1 pay line game.

Roam Around The World To Collect Winnings With Travel Bug Slots

Be ready for some real excitement when you get bitten by the travel bug. This little crawler has the power to turn your life into one big adventure. Before you know it, you roam around at unexplored places on the other side of the globe, in search for life changing experiences and various wealth increasing opportunities. In Travel Bug Slots from Rival Gaming, you will meet an actual traveling bug who was bitten by one of his own kind. Now he travels around to collect cash prizes and passport stamps. Book a flight to the next potentially lucrative destination, and join the little bug on his travels in this 5 reel and 20 pay line casino game.

Spin The Reels And Have A Pint In Pub Crawlers Slots

Did you have a tough day? Take some time off to relax at your favorite online neighborhood pub. All your buggy buddies wait for you to join them in Pub Crawlers Slots from Rival Gaming. Pub Crawlers serves great pints and it is a fine spot to hang out with all your insect friends. The pub is occupied by various patrons, like for example a wine loving caterpillar, a cigar smoking beetle and a tarantula who loves to play poker. Will you have a drink and enjoy a game of darts or poker with the creepy but friendly crawlies in this 20 pay line video slot title? Besides having a good time, you will also spin the 5 reels and work on you wealth.

The Best Insect Themed Slot Titles Make You Itchy For Winnings

Creepy and ugly insects might not look like the most attractive form of slot reel entertainment. However, the crawling, buzzing and flying creatures that have infested the best insect themed slot titles definitely manage to challenge that believe. Not only do they take you on a couple of adventurous and entertaining slot reel spinning journeys, but they also lead you to many lucrative cash winnings. You will be attracted to these winnings like a moth that is attracted by the light. And do not worry about feeling a little bit itchy during your spinning sessions, because that tickling feeling is most likely activated by your desire for big slot machine winnings.