Tycoons Slots

In a world reserved for the wealthiest of the wealthy, a world invisible to everyone but the highest echelon, they play a game where the stakes are infinitely high..Only members of the elite Billionaire's Club are welcome. It is a playground for Tycoons, and the Winner. Takes. All. Find out if you have what it takes to hang with the best of the best, when you play Tycoons Slots.

What a better theme to play the slots than billionaires. Tycoons slots is a Betsoft 3D game with incredibly constructed characters from billionaire stereotypes. The first thing that amazed us when introduced to the game was the amazing background; you kind of want to click on the sports car and the mansion on the sides instead of the reel itself. Detail and amazing graphics are a big WOW on this slot game. The bonus videos let you know a little bit more of the wealthy characters. We got to see a lot of the French aristocratic woman with her long stylish cigarette, and the Sheik with his white robe and black sunglasses. There is also a Bill Gates type guy crunched behind his PC and what seemed to be a banker stamping credit notes. The bonus game took a lot of rounds to trigger, but the poker game was well worth the effort. Here are the game play details.

Money Lines and Wagers

This is a five reel slot game with 30 pay lines. The bets go from $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, and $1.00. The maximum bet is $150 dollars. For each pay line you can bet a maximum of 5 coins, and if you are bored of pressing the play button, then program the auto-play feature with up to 100 rolls done for you automatically.


The Sheik – We all know how Arab billionaires look like, long white robes and black sunglasses. The sheik is kind of active compared to the other characters. When a specific combination is triggered with his face, a video of the sheik will show up on screen.

The French Aristocrat Woman – Think French or English royalty old woman. Very stylish on her dress, a long cigarette that she holds with her fingers, and talks very refined. We could almost picture her taking her poodles in the limousine. This was the character that was most triggered on the slots.

The Techy Billionaire – This one resembles Bill Gates in appearance. He is young and always behind his computer all crunched down, like coding intensely. Funny the big squared box computer looks outdated instead of a modern sleek screen computer. The tech billionaire was hard to activate.

The Banker – We are calling this character the banker because he seems to be stamping some credit notes. He does not seem to be wearing elegant clothes so it is hard to tell. We rarely triggered his video.

But the characters are not alone on the reel, several objects accompany them.

The Briefcase – An executive briefcase loaded with money.

Champagne – The champagne has a video of its own giving out the lowest pay of the combinations. You will see a lot of champagne being poured during your game play.

Checkbook – A written check.

Card Dealer – An elegant casino dealer handing out cards. Three of these will activate the poker bonus round.

Gold Bars – Golden rectangular bank gold bars.

Laptop – A surprise laptop, which is now a modern symbol of wealth.

Money Clip – A roll of money waiting for you.

Sports Car – Kind of looks like a Corvette.

Bonus Features

Free Spins – A total of three free spins is activated when you line up any winning combination with an “f” symbol on them. No idea what the “f” means, but a video appears on the middle of the slots with any of the characters involved in the combination you just hit. Your winnings during these free rounds will be doubled.

Click Me Treasure Bonus – With a combination of three gold bars, check book, or cash clips, this bonus feature is activated. Three of the symbols will show on the screen and you select one of them. They each hide a different amount of coins, so you can win big or not so big. Either way, this feature tends to give away hundreds and even a little over a thousand coins. So it is a big win bonus.

The Poker Game – This bonus feature is incredibly hard to activate. You need to combine three or more card dealers, you are then taken to a poker game where all the characters are playing big roller style. You need to select one of the 4 characters that you think is going to win, if he wins, then you win a BIG coin reward.

Our Rating 9/10

We found this slot game very enjoyable and addictive, even for long timeframes of play. The background and theme is amazing to the detail. We can´t take our minds off the corvette on the side. The characters are well build and fun to watch in their snobby ways. The gameplay is entertaining with creative bonus rounds and 3D videos which are not tedious at all.