The Best Desert Themed Slots

Silk Caravan Slots

The hot and mysterious dessert has a lot of valuables to offer when you know where to look. For example, think about all the oil and hidden treasures that are buried under the sand, but also think about the beautiful natural environment that surrounds you when you walk in this spectacular sandy landscape. Combine these positive elements with some alluring mariachi music and the special flora and fauna that can also be found in the dessert, and you have the excellent slot machine theme environment for a truly unforgettable spinning session. The best desert themed slot titles await your arrival, and you can be assured that their cash prizes will not be Fata Morgana mirages.

Find Valuable Treasures Under The Golden Sand Of Desert Kingdom Slots

Discover the world of Desert Kingdom Slots from Genesis Gaming. In this slot title, you will marvel at a beautiful barren landscape and a clear dessert sky. The landscape might look empty at first, but you should definitely take a look beneath the sand, because there you will find many hidden treasures. But do not only pay attention to what lies under the surface though, because beauty is all around you if you watch carefully. This mysterious landscape is the home of many special animals, and these animals know exactly how to guide you to the hidden desert treasures in this 5 reel and 25 pay line game.

Loco 7's Slots Lets You Win Cash While You Swing On The Beat Of A Mariachi Tune

Hola brave and adventurous slot reel traveler. You are now entering the beautiful country of Mexico. Spin the reels of Loco 7's Slots from Rival Gaming, to make this vibrant place really come to life. Your slot reel adventure takes place in the smoldering and cactus infested dessert. In this great dessert, you will come across an eccentric Mexican musician, who wears a big sombrero and a poncho. He will smooth off the rough edges from the harsh environment, by playing some uplifting mariachi tunes on his guitar. Despite the merciless heat, those catchy tunes should really make you excited to spin the three reels of this one pay line game, while you search for some super-hot winnings. Be careful when you spin some of those chili peppers on the reels though, because they are so hot and spicy that they make any slot reel gambler go absolutely loco.

Enjoy The Rich Fruits Of The Land In Gusher's Gold Slots

A good old Texan oil themed slot title should of course not be left out in a list that focuses on dessert orientated slot machine games. Play the 20 pay line Gushers Gold Slots title from software developer Rival Gaming, when you start to feel that it is about time to drill up some of that wonderful black and liquid gold. You will probably rise to the rank of oil tycoon pretty quick when you spin the 5 reels of Gusher's Gold Slots, so you better get ready to light your cigar and enjoy the sight of all those barrels that stack up in your Texas backyard. Besides that, you will also enjoy the presence of the pretty pageant girl, who might become attracted to you when successful Texan oil tycoon is written on your forehead.

The Golden Dessert Offers You More Than Meets The Eye

The dessert might look like a barren landscape that is forgotten and abandoned by humans and animals alike, but you will quickly find out that that certainly is not the case. Give this beautiful place some more attention, and you will find out that it can certainly be a lively environment, and that it bares many traces from past inhabitants. The many valuable items of these former dessert roamers can still be found under the sand, together with some natural treasures, like for example that precious oil. Don't let these valuables go to waste. Cover yourself with sunscreen and enter the dessert, because it might seem an unforgiving place, but it is actually very generous when it comes to giving away those amazing golden rewards.