Black Gold Slots

Join Ol' Bill the Oil Tycoon and his faithful steed as they wander the Texas range in search of Oil. Help Bill find the right spot to place his oil pumps and find the gushers hidden deep beneath the earth.

When I sat down to play Black Gold slots, I had one goal in mind. I was going to set auto-play to 50 spins, 10 cents per coin, bet on all 30 paylines, and see what happened.

In the past, I haven't found Black Gold to be very lucrative. Even with 30 paylines, the wins just don't seem to come often. This time was different.

Value of a Winning Payline

The value of a payline depends on the symbols. The private property sign is worth the smallest amount at 10 to 50 coins. The oil tycoon is the highest at 500 to 2,000. These prizes don't seem huge, but if you pair them with multipliers, they become substantial wins.

Nighttime Free Spins

One of the first things to happen, just after a few spins, was that I won eight free spins with the Nighttime Free Spins that triggers when you get three or more barns. Along with the free spins come multipliers of up to 10x. My winnings from these free rounds came to $64.50, so it wasn't a bad way to get started. In another 20 spins, I won eight more free spins and collected another $367.50. Two spins later, I'd won yet another round of free spins and added $42.50.

Other Bonuses

I never got the chance to try the other bonuses. By the time my 50 free spins were up, the symbols needed to trigger these bonuses never appeared in the right spot.

Drilling for Oil is a “click me” bonus. It starts when you get three drills on the reels. Choose one of the drills.

Play the Higher or Lower bonus by getting at least three oil pumps. In this game, you decide if the next number will be lower than the previous number or higher. If you're right, you win cash. You only get four wrong guesses before the bonus ends.

Increasing Multipliers

When you have a winning payline, the reels freeze, except for the middle reel, and the multiplier increases to 2x, 3x, and then 5x. As long as the symbols keep lining up, you keep winning. I hit it lucky and had six winning paylines in a row. My win came to over $350.

After 50 spins, I was up $79. It's not a substantial win, but I still gained cash. Had I stopped after the third of the free rounds, I would have gained a bundle of cash. This experience certainly changed my opinion on Black Gold slots. As far as 3D slots go, I feel confident in recommending it. Play Black Gold slots and see if you can top the amount I won.