The Best Heist Themed Slot Titles That Put You On A Lucrative Crime And Gambling Spree

The best heist themed slot titles let you commit online gambling crimes that you do not need to go to jail for in the real live. In fact, you will even be rewarded for your criminal endeavors. Games like Heist Slots and Reel Crime Slots give you the opportunity to rob banks and steal precious artworks. Do you rather prefer the side of the law? Then you will find satisfaction in catching an art thief, with the help of a security guard and his dog, in A Night in Paris Slots.

Join A Master Robber On His Quest For Cash In Heist Slots

In Heist Slots from Betsoft Gaming, you team up with Neil Quailand. You are in for a wild ride, because Neil is one of the most professional and successful heist criminals in the burglary business. Now, he is planning to accomplish his most legendary bank robbery ever, and he wants to bring you along so that you can help out with stealing the money. You really are a lucky man, because it seems that there are millions of dollars in the vault. Don't forget your tools, because you are going to need those glass cutters, explosives and drills. Help to make Quailand one of the most successful robbers in history, and he will gratefully reward you with large chunks of the loot in this 3D animated game with 5 reels and 30 pay lines.

Get Ready For The Ultimate Robbery In Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots

Is it really true that crime does not pay? Your boss in Reel Crime 1: Bank Heist Slots certainly does not believe in that statement. He has planned a big and lucrative job for the night, and he needs your help to make it a successful heist. Are you in possession of the skills to pull it off? Then grab a mean looking Tommy gun, join the crew on their mission and claim your part of the action and the dough. First, you and your man need to inspect the joint and become in possession of the key. The next step is to enter the bank and locate the safe. This safe then needs to be blown up. Then the most important part of the mission starts, because you guys need to take the loot and successfully escape from the crime scene. Make sure that you are 100 per cent alert during the heist, because the police is on your tail and full of ambitions to put you and the crew behind their bars. One mistake could have serious consequences. The boss will be very angry, and a second robbery attempt needs to be planned and performed. Focus on your map and follow the process carefully, when you spin the 5 reels of this 15 pay line slot from partner in crime Rival Gaming.

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist Slots Gives You A First Class Ticket To Paradise Or To Jail

Reel Crime 2: Art Heist Slots is the second part in the slot machine crime spree that Rival Gaming has sat loos on online casinos. In this addition, the goal is not a vault full of cash, but a collection of valuable art pieces. The place of the crime is Paris, the charming capital of France. The executors of this potentially lucrative crime are the notorious and vile art thieves Raoul and Remy Mouchard. Together they are committed to successfully complete a robbery that will definitely leave the art world in tears. Are you ready to support these bad boys in their endeavor to steal some famous masterpieces? Keep in mind that this is a job for professionals. Success means a luxurious life in a tropical paradise, but a mistake means a first class ticket to jail. That certainly will give you a trill when you activate the 5 slot reels and 15 pay lines from this entertaining Rival Gaming creation.

No Money Is Safe When You Play Bust-A-Vault Slots

With Bust-A-Vault Slots, software developer Rival Gaming proves once more that it is a master at creating attractive heist themed slot titles. This game immediately grabs your attention once you start spinning its three reels. It sparkles because of the vibrant graphics, vivid animations and profitable winning opportunities. This classic, one pay line slot title promises you a big, fat vault that is fully stacked with cash. However, you do are not in the possession of a key or access code. The vault really needs to be busted open, so keep spinning those reels until you succeed. The reward is definitely worth it.

A Night In Paris Slots Engulfs You In A Tale Of Crime And Romance

The Museum of Paris manages to attract a lot of art loving visitors. But not all of its visitors are only attracted by the beauty of the displayed art pieces in A Night In Paris Slots from Betsoft Gaming. Some people are more interested at the value of these items, and the sneaky burglar Jacques definitely belongs to that group of people. But he is not going to be able to claim his desired objects that easy, because you, security guard Jerome LaBaste and Pierre the guard dog are going stop him from making a fortune in this 30 pay line game that takes place in the romantic capital of France. Instead, some legal fortunes could actually be given to you, when you spin the 5 reels and make sure that the ambitious heist plan from Jacques fails miserably.

Commit Perfect Crimes And Receive Perfect Winnings With The Best Heist Themed Slot Titles

Play the best heist themed slot titles and choose to fight at the side of the law, or do the gangster like things that you are not allowed to do in real live. Rob a bank, bust a vault or steal a famous work of art, but most of all, enjoy all the beautiful animations, bonus features and winnings while you are on your crime spree or guarding adventure.