Jackpot Capital now Accepting Bitcoin for Casino Deposits

Jackpot Capital has joined the growing list of online casinos that accept the internet currency, bitcoin for both deposits and withdrawals; Bitcoin has been gaining popularity in many areas of the web and even with some land-based businesses and services. Jackpot Capital and other online gaming sites have taken to accepting the currency because it speeds up the process of making a deposit and bypasses the technicalities of traditional banking. Jackpot Capital strives to make a player’s experience an easy one, and bitcoin does just that.

Bitcoin Eradicates the Role of Traditional Banking for Online Casinos

Jackpot Capital and other online casinos are now accepting bitcoin, which removes the need for traditional banking and credit cards. Eliminating the third party from the transaction process not only reduces the amount of time needed to make transactions, but also removes the added cost that banks and credit cards often charge. Bitcoin deposits go directly from a player’s online wallet into the casino and withdrawals are also directly deposited back into the wallet; both transactions are quick and easy without the waiting period that traditional payments require.

How are Bitcoins Obtained and is it Safe?

Bitcoin can be earned by anyone with the use of an open source network by acting as a server for verifying bitcoin transactions, but this process can be too technical or time consuming for some. The currency can be purchased at many reputable online bitcoin ATMs; players need only to acquire a bitcoin wallet through a Blockchain account or other online services that provide wallets. All that is required for a wallet is an account number and no personal information is needed, making bitcoin use completely anonymous. Since the wallet is anonymous, there is a significantly reduced chance of bitcoin or a user’s identity from being stolen; this makes bitcoin safer than traditional methods where databases can be hacked and user’s account information stolen.

Bitcoin Keeps Your Online Gaming Private

Jackpot Capital understands that some bettors would like to keep their information and online activities private, and bitcoin deposits and withdrawals make it possible do just that. Neither a bitcoin wallet nor purchasing bitcoin requires any personal information to be divulged and the information at Jackpot Capital is protected by state-of-art encryption. This provides a dual layer of security for players who want their online gaming activities to remain private. Jackpot Capital does not and will not sell or release private information for financial compensation. The removal of traditional banking options provides an extra layer of anonymity, as banks and credit cards require some of a person’s most sensitive personal information.

Enjoying the Benefits of Jackpot Capital and Bitcoin

Using bitcoin to play at Jackpot Capital saves money and time, provides privacy and reduces the risk of identity theft and fraud. Jackpot Capital is a casino that can provide a complete gaming experience for players with slots, video poker, table games and specialty games. The casino offers download, instant and mobile options; Jackpot Capital Casino also offers free play for those who like to look before they wager. The promotions at Jackpot Capital are extensive and include a generous welcome bonus and separate bonuses for computer and mobile play. Gamblers looking for a gaming experience that provides privacy, security, easy deposits and withdrawals, and a full array of games will do well to visit Jackpot Capital for their chance to take advantage of everything the casino has to offer.