Gamevy Brings an Exciting New Element to the Online Casino Industry

Many in the gaming community are expecting new game developer, Gamevy, to make a large splash as it enters into what is considered a very competitive online casino market. The company is releasing an initial wave of eight titles that are being called innovative, well-made and entertaining; anyone who has had a chance to test drive any of the initial eight games has called them ground-breaking. The company's games were named "Game to Watch" at Ice Pitch 2016 earlier this year after Gamevy was named the overall winner in the Ice Pitch competition the previous year.

Creating a New Way to Play

Gamevy is introducing many new concepts in play with titles that completely break the mold in how casino games interact with players. Only Spin Lotto plays similarly to a slot game and combines the play of a lottery to create an interesting hybrid. The Heist and Gears of Fortune utilize trivia questions as players progress toward a large prize step by step. Other games are pick 'em style that behave similarly to many bonus games in slot titles. The games that require more thought with trivia and word games also may blur the lines between games of chance and games of skill; this may lead to changes in gambling laws in some countries.

Buzzword Bingo Brings a Game Show Feel to Online Gaming

One of the more intriguing titles Gamevy is including in its initial release is Buzzword Bingo; the title uses a word game that awards a number of bingo balls that is dependent on how many attempts are needed to determine the word that is the answer to the puzzle. The fewer turns that are needed, the more bingo balls are awarded during one of each of the three rounds in the game. Players who find the answer very quickly may also be awarded a chance to cover any number or column on their bingo card. Prizes are awarded much like they are in a regular bingo game with monetary prizes awarded for any winning lines that a bettor may have on their card at the end of the game. Buzzword Bingo requires a bit of thought to maximize the chance of winning, making the game an interesting option for players who have tired of the more traditional online casino and slot games that are based solely on luck.