Betsoft Enters a New Era of Gaming

Betsoft is widely known as one of the most entertaining online casino gaming developers around, and the company's newest endeavor will keep them at the forefront of internet gaming for years to come. As some readers may already know, HTML5 is the most current language used by web developers, and now it will also be used to build every new Betsoft game that is created. Known as the Shift™ Platform, new titles from Betsoft are likely to give way to better graphics, enhanced gameplay and even easier access to high-quality entertainment options.

Why is Betsoft Switching to the Shift™ Platform?

While there are plenty of excellent Betsoft titles already in existence, the fact that Adobe will no longer support Flash player is the major motivating factor behind the change; in the past, the Flash player from Adobe was responsible for running animations and ensuring that the graphics in online casino titles were displayed correctly.

The Betsoft Shift™ Platform is designed to ensure that players can still enjoy all of their favorite things about games produced by the company, and every newly built computer and mobile device will run the new version of HTML for the foreseeable future. Users who are tired of making sure that their third-party plugins, such as Flash, are current can look forward to leaving that tedious task in their technological rear-view mirror; Betsoft's new Shift™ Platform runs smoothly on browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari, among others, without the need for outside resources like those from Adobe that were previously required.

Is the Shift™ Platform Safe?

Some Betsoft players will immediately think of their security concerns when it comes to the changes that will occur as a result of the new Shift™ Platform, but those who are worried can rest assured that the new platform is safe. Because Shift™ runs natively through any supported browser, third-party downloads will no longer be necessary; this will reduce or eliminate the likelihood of hackers or cyber attackers disrupting the smooth operation of Betsoft games. Both players and operators will benefit from the Shift™ Platform, creating a better experience for everyone.

Adhering to New Global Standards

Because HTML5 is now the global standard for web developers in every industry, Betsoft has chosen to be proactive in ensuring that its games are readily available to casinos and customers who are already using devices that support only HTML5. By offering new titles on the Shift™ Platform, the developer has taken its first steps toward securing the future of casino gaming entertainment. The Shift™ Platform will drive Betsoft games to provide gamblers with more efficient animation and a higher frame refresh rate; this simply means that Betsoft titles can be developed to be the animated, immersive wonders that developers dream of and players crave.

Shifting Toward the Future

New Betsoft games will be developed using the Shift™ Platform and older, 3D titles will be reconfigured to run using the same engine; however, those who are still playing on older devices will be pleased to learn that Betsoft will also maintain the Flash option to ensure that every gambler has the chance to play his or her favorite games. Regardless of the engine that runs the game, Betsoft continues to drive toward the future of online casino entertainment in the best ways possible.