Mad Scientist Slots

Welcome to new 3D Slot game Mad Scientist Slots! This is 5-reel, 30 paylines 3D bonus slot game with fantastic graphics and sounds! Mad Scientist Slots is a very unique 3D slot in that for the first time in my memory, 5 like symbols keep appearing at the same time. This is quite unusual for a slot, which is why Mad Scientist Slots is one of the best paying slots online. Although I have to admit this slot game is not my particular cup of tea, it does hold a certain fascination. The animations and sounds are not as impressive as other 3D slots, but what they lack in creativeness make up for in lucrative payouts. Some of you may find Mad Scientist Slots quite entertaining in its simple format, but certainly with its low wagers offset by its big payouts, its popularity still holds. As I said, getting five of any symbol in a slot game is few and very far between, but Mad Scientist Slots brings this far-fetched idea to reality. Even more impressive is the fact that getting 5 plasma balls earns you 5000 coins when you bet the max of one dollar. When I first played this slot, I began with 10 cents and with each and every spin I worked my way up to the maximum bet. It is the nature of the bonus features that make this a high paying slot game. From the bonus round, to the pick me feature, to the Wild’O’Cution feature; it’s no wonder that this has been most popular among slot players. Put the child-like theme aside, and play Mad Scientist Slots. No doubt you will be “electrified” by its results.