WhoSpunIt: A Murder Mystery Slot Game from BetSoft

Don't settle for a basic slot game. Play WhoSpunIt: A Murder Mystery Slot Game that is a stunning 3D slot from BetSoft Gaming. Patterned after the popular board game Clue, you can win up to 320,500 credits in this interactive slot game.

Coins in WhoSpunIt slots start at two cents and you can bet up to five coins per payline. There are 30 paylines in all. A total bet is 150 coins. Having this range makes it easy to bet what makes you most comfortable. It is recommended that you activate all 30 lines and have the best winning potential.

How WhoSpunIt: A Murder Mystery Slot Game Works

WhoSpunIt slots is a little more complex than your average bonus slot. There is a lot going on and many special features change the scenery throughout the game. During regular game play, there is a timer that counts down one minute. When coins appear, you collect them. At the end of the time, trade the clue coins in for spins that help determine the site of the murder, the weapon used, and evidence left behind that helps identify the killer.

The body is second highest in ranking with a top payout of 2,500 coins. There's a wild symbol that is worth 5,000. The other symbols range in prize from 25 to 1,000 coins, depending on the symbol and the number of times it appears in a winning payline.

Free Spins Mode

Spin the reels and you might win free spin rounds by having all five suspects appear on the reels together During these free spins, you choose one of five suspects. Each suspect delivers a different wild feature. The made offers 20 free spins with a 2x multiplier. The mad scientists turns up to five symbols wild at random. The rich bachelor makes it so that paylines are formed from both right to left and left to right, and he also gives you a 2x multiplier. The woman increases your winnings by four. Finally, the butler turns reels wild at random.

How to Solve the Murder

Once you have all the clues collected in WhoSpunIt: A Murder Mystery Slot Game, you access the Evidence Symbol. When this symbol appears in the center of the third reel, you get to question your prime suspect, solve the murder, and win extra cash.

WhoSpunIt slots is available at casinos offering BetSoft Gaming casino games. It's a fascinating slot game that keeps you on your toes for hours as you spin the reels and try to solve the case.