Betsoft’s Latest Release is for the Birds

Betsoft, an innovative software company that designs high-quality casino games, has gained an excellent reputation among online gamblers, but the company may have changed the game with its newest release, BIRDS! The title is a new 3D slot with what may prove to be the most creative gameplay system yet. After throwing away the rulebook in order to invent a game from the ground up, Betsoft has created a truly entertaining title that offers something unique with almost every spin of reels; like so many of the company's other titles, BIRDS! is sure to delight even as it offers significant jackpots and excellent payline wins.

Traditional Gameplay Flies the Coop

While BIRDS! is not the first slot to use left to right gameplay, it does ditche the typical sliding motion; the new Betsoft title instead has birds flying in from the left and perching themselves on the utility wires that stand in for conventional reels. The game also contains fresh, collapse-style gameplay that allows birds that are a part of a winning combination to fly away and be replaced with new aviary companions; should the new additions form their own winning line, the process will repeat until no winning combinations appear on the screen.

A Slot Game with Personality

Unlike Hitchcock's dark movie classic, the birds on the screen in BIRDS! are colorful and full of personality. Each of the 11 birds in the title has a distinct personality that adds to the gaming experience. Excited by the company's new release, Betsoft's Head of Product Development had this to say: "With a plucky soundtrack and some of the most adorable characters we've ever created, this game is a true delight to the senses and introduces an innovative reel machine that we are proud to share with the iGaming industry and a community of players".

Cutting Edge Graphics for a Technical Audience

Betsoft takes its role as a leader in online gaming seriously and continually strives to create technically advanced and artistic games for players to enjoy. Many in the online gambling industry consider Betsoft's successful Slots 3 Series and this newest offering equal to, and in some cases greater than both animated pictures and even console games. The fact that Betsoft creates titles of exceedingly high caliber is a strong testament to the ever-increasing popularity of online slots play.

BIRDS! to Take the Online Gaming World by Storm

If Betsoft's recent history is any indicator for the future, online slot players should expect the company to continue to design and produce some of the most playable and creative titles on the market. Betsoft also provides games to a large portion of the most popular online casinos, and those in the industry do not expect that to change anytime soon. With exciting new games like BIRDS! and the popular To-Go line for mobile players, Betsoft continues to delight the online gaming community with titles that are technically innovative and artistically rendered. Whether players have experienced Betsoft entertainment in the past or they're considering it for the first time, BIRDS! is proving to be a don't-miss slot on the gaming frontier.